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OR: I Just _Hate_ It When _This_ Happens!

How _Not_ To Prepare For The Road Home!

Our First winter in Lord Nelson - before we got rid of the Hippie paint work. Another Weight Story. Seems the septic tank lids weren't too well marked, and on my way out, after spending months here, I rolled right into one. Right down on the bumper on the left side. Duals punched a hole in the tank lid - big enough to pop in, but, as it turned out, not quite big enough to pull them out. No timbers for jacking. No tow truck for 200 miles! My good friend Renaldo, at left, came up with some serious Mexican ingenuity and a few treasures - like a 18 foot 4 X 12 and a railway track jack. Between that and what I had on board - a 12 ton hydraulic a decent collection of levelling blocks, and a chain saw for cutting up what little driftwood and odd timber we and the other gringos on hand could find ,and what else we managed to scrounge, we had the left hand duals out of the hole they'd made in the tank top by noon the next day.

The Best Part: after (mostly he) we busted hump all morning getting this thing jacked up and off the hole (the left duals were completely in the tank), ready to roll home (finally) Renaldo says, in one of the few times I ever knew the man to speak any english, "And now I has to go ...... to work!"

Needless to say, Renaldo got a substantial tip! I'm very sad to say that he died a few years later - rolled on by a horse. R.I.P., budd!

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