Shawnee is the Queen here at Nyak.

She has given us many Beautiful puppies.





I am so excited to tell you that Botan earned his FCC (Federation Canine du Canada) Championship, in his first 3 shows, our first weekend out!! This on top of earning his Canine Good Neighbor (the Canadian Kennel Club's equivalent of the AKC's Canine Good Citizen) at only 7 months and his Therapy Dog International (TDI) and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) awards at just over a year old! Now, at 2.5 years old, he is pointed towards his AM/CAN Conformation Championships AND has hiked over 20 miles, of rocky terrain carrying 35lbs+, towards his Working Pack Dog (WPD) title! There's just no stopping him - anything I want to try, he jumps in with joyful enthusiasm! What more could you want in a working and training partner? He is OVC certified clear for hips (Canadian equivalent to OFA Excellent) and will soon be available for Stud - we can't wait to see the quality puppies he produces! The only thing sweeter than all of Botan's accomplishments is his temperament - we just love this big beautiful boy's loving and goofy personality. =)





Botan Thank you for breeding and loving our gorgeous boy, we can't imagine our lives without him!

  Botan Takes Best of Winners and Hes a New Canadian Champion. His owners in Canada as well as us here at Nyak are quite proud of his accomplishments.  

Botan Does It Again, He takes Best Of Breed in Ottawa. Go Botan Go

  Botan works with Autism children.  


"Nyak's Takala Sunrise"

  Miss Takala @ 10wks old  
  Her parents are:
"Nyak's Shania After  Midnight" & "CH Wahkeen's Good Ride Cowboy"

Miss Takala is Nyaks silly girl.

  Miss Takala @ 1 yr 7 mo. old & 2 yrs old  


"Nyaks Spirit Warrior on Wolf Mountain"


Cochise is our newest addition to Nyak, Cochise @ 6 months old

  Cochise is 10 months old in this pic  

His Parents are:
"Tigara's Dakota in The Moonlight" &
"Nyak's Lakota Spirit"







Dakota lives with his proud owners in Indiana.


(Aprox.150 pounds)



"Yakone"  @ 1 year & 6 months old


"Yakone"  @ 1 year & 6 months old

  "Yakone" @ 1 yr old  

"Yakone" is one of the newest member of the NYAK pack.



"Nyaks Icepick Spirit of Yukon & Sister Sophie"


"Nyaks Crystal Lady Nya"

  At 10 months Icepick weighed 116 pounds.  
  Owners Ryan and Lisa McElroy, California  

"Nya" now lives in Tenn. with her Very Proud owners Patti & Riley Cook.


Nya just turned 5 yrs old in July, shes gorgeous and a very well mannered Lady she is.



"Nyak & Cascades IceKing Tango"


Tango is a Tatonka/Shawnee son.

Tango lives with his proud owners at Cascade Kennel.

We have just gotten news and we are so proud to hear that Tango got the Gold Regional medal on Snow this year Region 2 " IWPA. He is going to the Nationals.
New Nyak Champion!


"News Flash"

"Tango" took the Silver National Metal on snow.

Way to go "Tango"



 "Nyak Pack in Wisconsin Ready for Work"

Bellah lives in Wisconsin with his owner Jeff Long and Family.

Bellah weighs 135 pds



"Nyaks Scandalous Kayte"


"Nyaks Lakota Spirit"


Her proud owners Laura and Bryan. Kayte is a Natasha/Tatonka daughter.

Kayte has a wonderful loving home in Dallas Tx.

Lakota at 13 months

4 yrs old Lakota is also a Tatonka/Natasha son.


"Nyak's Great Spirit of Tatonka"

"Cascades Shawnee Dream of Nyak"

"Nyaks Tungsten Steel MoonLite"


"Nyaks Wolfie"



  Tungs @ 1yr old. His parents are; Takala & Cochise, Tungsten is proudly owned by Jonathan & Michelle.  

Wolfie has a wonderful forever loving home in Montana with his proud owners Angela & Eddie.




"Nyaks Shania After Midnight"

"Ch Nyak-n-Wahkeen's Diamond Rio"

"Nyaks Hail Storm Sierra"


Shania at 2 yrs old

Shania with Mom Shawnee

Rio's Proud owner is Susan Gresham

Sierra lives in New Jersey with her proud owner Elayne. Sierra is 7 yrs old now.

"Nyak's N Wahkeen's Two Below"




Proud Parents are:
"Cascades Lady Cheelah & Ch Wild Wind's Sam I Am of Wahkeen" 2D pictured above in her first show taken Best of Winners at the Houston Speciality at 6 months of age.
"2D" finished her Championship in May, 2004




"GOAL of NYAK Kennel"


"Truly the Gentle Giant"



Our goal here at Nyak Kennel is to continue to produce quality Alaskan Malamutes. We keep our kennel small just so we can give each of our Mals the attention and love they deserve. Having Mals for 30 yrs, we know you cannot give proper attention when you have very many. We strive to produce quality, not quantity. Our Alaskan Malamutes are large, ranging from 100 to 150 pounds, with nice bone, nice heads and beautiful thick coats. However we also have standard size Mals. All of our dogs have been x-rayed clear of hip dysplasia. Our Mals are structurally sound and well balanced. We strive to produce Sound, Well Proportioned, Sweet Tempered, Large Alaskan Malamutes. Our Mals also have many Confirmation Champions as well as IWPA Champs behind them.



The Alaskan Malamute is not a breed for everyone. This is Not a breed for one that can't bear to be strict with a puppy . A spoiled Mal is the world's worst pet. They are affectionate, preferring the company of people to dogs, but should not be allowed to misbehave. You must start training early. They tend to "test" their owners when they are young. If the owner doesn't stand firm the Mal takes over leadership of the pack and becomes a bad advertisement for the breed and the owner. Do your research and be sure this breed is right for you before you purchase one.




With proper training , this IS the finest companion breed in all "dogdom".

We cannot stress proper training enough.



All potential buyers are carefully screened before purchasing our puppies. NO puppy will be sold to an unacceptable home.We Do Not want any of our puppies to end up in rescue or be abandoned to fend for themselves.

All of our puppies have a two yr written guarantee. Guarantee includes HD and CHD. We also give a health guarantee upon visit from your vet within 72 hrs . If vet finds your puppy to not be in excellent health , puppy will be replaced. All of our puppies are sold with a SPAY/NEUTER Contract, as well as a LIMITED REGISTRATION, NO EXCEPTIONS. Under NO circumstances will we sell to puppy mills or brokers of any kind. We reserve the right to refuse any person, that cannot provide the proper home for any of our puppies or grown dogs. Purchasing a puppy is a life long committment and it is imperative they have the best of care thru out there entire life. All of our puppies are well socialized and have had some beginner training before goin to there new homes. Our puppies are handled from birth right up til they leave our home. They are given lots of TLC on a daily basis. This only gives them a proper start in life and gives you, the new owner a companion you can be proud of. All you have to do is continue the training and socializing to finish molding what I have started for you.


***"Bred To Work-Born To Love"***



"Nyak's Arctic Bear Juno"


11 months old (144 pounds) at 3 yrs old, Juno weighed 167 and his height was 33 inches. At full maturity Juno now weighs 187.8 pds by vet scale Juno lives with his proud owners in Austin Tx.


"Nyak's Woodland Spirit Dakota"



(Aprox.150 pounds) Dakota lives with his proud owners in Indiana.


"Nyaks Mystik Miakoda"



Mia all grown up.
Mia at 3 and 6 months. She lives in China Tx with her proud owners Karen and Frank Eshliman. Mia is a Shawnee/Tatonka daughter. Mia weighed 80 pds at 6 months old.

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