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SEFCO's LCL - Less than Container-Load shipment rates, for sending Household Goods & Personal Effects from our 5 major receiving warehouses in JAPAN: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, & Kobe

-- to our 14 major port / city destinations in the UNITED STATES

Import and Export Service Guideline

Our LCL less than container-load shipping service from our 5 major SEFCO-Shipco shipping terminals in JAPAN:

Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, & Kobe, serving all points in the USA via the following major destination terminals :

LCL - Less than Container-Loads

For pre-packed goods, "ready to go".

Origin packing and pickup from your door
anywhere in Japan or the USA --upon request.

Simply fill in our
Inquiry Form

...for a prompt rate confirmation.

RATES are based on volume.
Volume categories are as follows:

A) minimum...up to 30-cubic feet;

To visualize this space, this would be a little bit larger than a typical washing machine. A good volume for sending heavy, densely packed cartons of books & personal effects.

B) up to 60-cuft;

About the space taken up by one and a half typical kitchen refrigerators.

C) to 90-cuft;

A good volume for sending some basic personal effects, in tightly packed cartons, for one adult.

D) to 120-cuft;

About the space taken up by three standard 5-ft. tall kitchen refrigerators.

E) to 150-cuft;

A good volume for sending the basic personal effects of two adults together. FYI, "in the industry", this is the equivalent to @ 1,000-lbs worth of goods--using a "density factor" of @ 7-lbs average per each 1-cubic foot of space.

F) to 180-cuft;

This would be equivalent to a mix of some smaller furniture plus an average amount of personal effects for one adult.

G) to 210-cuft;

A bit larger than five refrigerators worth of space. Often this is the volume of one large - full sized standard wooden "liftvan", as is commonly used in the overseas moving industry for shipping less than container-loads of household goods.

H) to 240-cuft;

About one quarter of a 20-ft ocean container. Picture the space taken up by six full sized refrigerators back to back.

I) to 270-cuft;

This would be a "decent" amount of furniture, ie. a complete bedroom's furniture, a complete kitchen, and all the personal effects for one adult.

J) to 300-cuft.

Nearing a third of a 20-ft container. A very "healthy" sized LCL shipment, including some furniture and a lot of cartons of personal effects for one or two adults.

For volumes above 400-cubic feet, you can think in terms a couple rooms worth of furniture and personal effects. If including more than two rooms worth of larger furniture, couches, king sized beds, large bureaus and the like, then you may want to start thinking about just going for an exclusive-use 20-ft container of your own.

Typically, when you have over 600-cubic feet volume, the cost difference between sending the goods via LCL - less than container-load, and FCL - full 20-ft container-load, becomes negligible.

Please feel free to
discuss your proposed move with Mr. Quinn,
...for useful advice from an "experienced hand" in overseas moving.

What is the cost for our information
and general guidance? Free!

"Click here" for our On-line Rates and general web-resources for moving Household Goods between JAPAN and the USA using your own exclusive-use 20-foot and 40-foot Full Container Loads (FCL).

Rates include:
total of ocean freight rate charges, OS&H (US handling) fees, US Destination Doc-transfer fee, US-"DDC" fee, US Loading fee, US Pallet fee, wharfage charge, and "D.A.D" fee and In-land transportation to the US terminal(s) specified.

These exclude: LOCAL CHARGES in Japan--
Flat fee of 30,000 yen
this covers:
total of fees for Japan freight forwarding documents, handling, basic clearance and "CFS" container freight station costs per shipment.

We'll provide you with detailed instructions regarding what you'll need to do.

Optional: Trucking from (and/or to) your door anywhere in Japan to our export/receiving terminal(s) in Japan;

This cost depends on:
Whether your goods will be easily accessible by our trucker or if they'll need to bring extra helpers to load the goods onto the truck from inside your home, the distance from the nearest export terminal, and the size/weight of shipment.

For professional in-home "Origin Packing" of your household goods, furniture & personal effects, by our highly \experienced movers in Japan -- labor & all packing materials included -- please contact SEFCO to arrange for a pre-move survey of your goods for an accurate rate confirmation.

If you'd like to have a basic indication of packing costs without a formal in-home survey, then send us a list of what you have along with rough dimensions by E-MAIL or fax, for a non-binding estimate.

After arrival of your goods at the US destination...
Unless you have your own Customs Broker or plan to handle this matter directly yourself,then please note the following:

If we are to assist with US Customs clearance formalities, please contact us ahead of time, before the goods arrive in the US, send us a copy of your "Packing List" and B/L (Bill of Lading) and we'll send you blank copies of these required forms:

  • US Customs "3299" form, and
  • the "US Treasury Supplemental" form.

These should be completed, signed and returned to us before the goods arrive in the US to assure smooth clearance without delays.

Please include $ 150.00
for US clearance assistance and customs broker fees (vs. you self-clear).

Delivery to your door anywhere in the US is available via our major US "hubs "- terminal warehouses located in the major port areas and major interior cities... rates depend on final destination zip code and shipment size/weight.

We can easily arrange for "straight trucking" delivery of your freight to your US residence-door, just let us know where, for prompt US trucking rate confirmation.

Upon request can also include complete inside delivery service via professional movers -- inside placement of your furniture, unpacking, and so on, for an extra charge.

Marine Insurance coverage also available at extra cost. Rate : 2.8% of declared insured value (for professionally packed/unpacked shipments). If pbo packed by owner, rate for fpa-marine insurance is 2% of the insured value.
Either fill in our insurance application form, advise us of the total value to be insured for, or submit to SEFCO a valued signed inventory when you are ready to ship. Coverage is placed through: TGI/Travel Guard International Insurance Brokerage, San Juan Capistrano, Ca. USA

There is typically no US Duty on Personal Effects. However, it is always wise to contact the US Consulate to obtain the latest information regarding rules & regulations, or visit our ever growing array of useful on-line resources.

Prepacked HOUSEHOLD GOODS & PERSONAL EFFECTS from all 5 main receiving terminals in JAPAN (export to America)

Similar rates apply, from these US terminals going to YOKOHAMA terminal (export to Japan)

LCL / Less than Container-Load RATES:

{ 1 } to & from NEW YORK CITY / NJ--

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 765

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 910

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 1045

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1225

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1390

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1530

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1745

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 1950

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 2110

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 2295


A) up to 30-cuft = $ 810

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 955

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 1120

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1295

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1470

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1630

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1845

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 2055

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 2270

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 2460

{ 3 } to & from BOSTON--

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 820

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 970

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 1140

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1355

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1495

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1675

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1890

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 2115

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 2325

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 2545

{ 4 } to & from ATLANTA--

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 810

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 925

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 1070

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1240

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1385

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1535

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1730

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 1925

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 2120

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 2315

{ 5 } to & from HOUSTON--

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 815

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 940

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 1095

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1275

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1430

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1585

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1790

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 1985

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 2190

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 2385

{ 6 } to & from CHICAGO and SEATTLE--same rate to both

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 790

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 910

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 1050

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1215

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1345

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1490

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1685

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 1875

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 2065

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 2245

{ 7 } to & from SAN FRANCISCO--

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 685

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 780

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 895

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 1035

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1150

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1265

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1430

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 1595

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 1760

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 1925

{ 8 } to & from LOS ANGELES--

A) up to 30-cuft = $ 590

B) up to 60-cuft = $ 720

C) up to 90-cuft = $ 830

D) up to 120-cuft = $ 965

E) up to 150-cuft = $ 1075

F) up to 180-cuft = $ 1185

G) up to 210-cuft = $ 1345

H) up to 240-cuft = $ 1490

I) up to 270-cuft = $ 1665

J) up to 300-cuft = $ 1825

Your freight should be sturdily packed and properly marked before being either loaded onto our truckers van or before being delivered to our Japan (or US) receiving terminal(s).

Please print clearly the following information on every box:

Your BOOKING NUMBER (obtain this from either Mr. Joseph T. Quinn or Ms. Yoko Tomohiro in the US or Ms. Yukiko Hojo in Japan)

Clearly print your NAME and complete ADDRESS
both "FROM" and "TO" c/o SEFCO/SHIPCO-JVL, and number of each box (eg., Carton # 1 of___, # 2 of___, # 3 of___, etc.) Create a corresponding basic packing list for your goods and send a copy to SEFCO by email or fax.

Your shipment will be re-measured upon receipt at our warehouse(s) in Japan and/or the US. "In-between" volumes will be pro-rated, based on exact final confirmed measurement.

Optional in-home export packing by our local professional movers in Japan (or the US), special crating services if needed, pickup-trucking from door anywhere in Japan or the US. We'll confirm exact amount to be paid if interested in a residential pickup and/or door trucking/delivery.

Payment for your shipment should be finalized prior to arrival of the goods at the destination port. Please prepay cost for marine insurance (prior to export). Your remittance is accepted in US dollars paid to the order of:

SEFCO-Export Management Company

Send your check, money order or wire transfer after final measurement & documentation has been completed.

Japan Agent office headquarters:
SEFCO/Shipco-Suzue Group,
Japan Van Lines, No. 14-241-1 Chome,
Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Export Manager: Mr. Ryozo Kasai

Contact SEFCO for the exact address of the closest receiving terminal to where you are located.

SEFCO's country coordinators for Japan are:
Ms. Yukiko Hojo and
Ms. Yoko Tomohiro

Send your shipping request to Mr. Quinn at:

Email contacts for our coordinators:
In Japan, Ms. Yukiko Hojo
In the US, Ms. Yoko Tomohiro

In Canada, internet development by:
Ms. Tiara Shitara

Info in Japanese language
phone 718-544-0484

Upon booking your move with SEFCO, you'll receive the name of the departing vessel, the sailing and arrival dates, and all other details as normal for our overseas moving service. You are assured of our closest attention and care!

We look forward to serving you.

... SEFCO-Export Management Company

Overseas Moving Specialists

USA Tel: 718-268-6233, Fax: 718-268-0505;

Have any questions or comments?
Need to confirm a rate or pickup date?
Please let us know!

Fill in our
interactive registration/inquiry form obtain a rate quote for your particular overseas move.

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