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(Click on a dancer to call the tune)

All I Need {is the air that I breathe}
- a 60's classic from the Hollies.
And I Love Her
- a ballad from the Beatles' film "A Hard Day's Night".
Bad Moon Rising
- one of Creedence Clearwater Revival's best.
Because {I Love You}
- an early 60's classic from The Dave Clark Five.
Bohemian Rhapsody
- a rock operetta, one of Queen's best.
Candle In The Wind
- a musical tribute to Marylin Monroe by Elton John.
{I'm} Crazy
- a fairly recent one by the ever-popular Aerosmith.
- a classic from the 50's by Roy Orbison.
Dancing Queen
- a best-seller from the Swedish group Abba.
- one of the Eagles' best from the early 70's.
Devil In Her Heart
- a classic tune from the early Beatles repertoire.
Dueling Banjos
- a bluegrass classic, the theme from the film "Deliverance".
Every Breath You Take
- a best-seller from Sting's band, The Police.
Flash Dance
- the theme from the movie of the same name.
Ghost Busters
- the theme from the movie of the same name.
Gimme All Your Lovin'
- a rockin' classic from early ZZ Top.
Hey Jude
- a classic from the later Beatles' repertoire.
- a classic lament from Billy Joel.
Hotel California
- perhaps the best known hit from The Eagles.
How Deep Is Your Love
- a best seller from the brothers Gibb (B-Gees).
I'm Sorry
- a haunting tune of unknown origin.
Ina Gadda Da Vida
- Iron Butterfly's classic 60's tune.
I Will Always {Love You}
- a beautiful Whitney Houston hit from "The Bodyguard".
Killing Me Softly
- a beautiful tune of the early 70's by Roberta Flack.
- classic Beach Boys fare with a Caribbean beat.
Last Dance With Mary Jane
- one of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers greatest hits.
- early (and late) Eric Clapton with Derek and the Dominoes.
Le Grange
- ZZ Top's blues tune about LeGrange, Texas.
{Do the} Locomotion
- classic 50's dance tune revised by Grand Funk.
Long Cool Woman
- another classic from the 60's by the Hollies.
Magic Man
- perhaps Heart's best known hit.
Meatloaf {title unknown}
- from the album, "Bat Out of Hell"
- a classic love song from the later Beatles repertoire.
Mission Impossible
- theme from the film of the same name.
Needles and Pins
- classic early 60's British rock.
New Kid in Town
- Eagles' classic, the flip side of Hotel California.
Nobody Does It Better
- Carly Simon's tune from the film "The Spy Who Loved Me".
Open Arms
- a classic love song from the 70's by Journey.
Peaceful Easy Feeling
- another classic from the 70's by the Eagles.
Power of Love
- a moving love song by Cilene Dion.
Pretty Woman
- perhaps Roy Orbison's best known tune of the 50's.
- classic 50's tune.
Since I Don't Have You
- classic 50's rock reprised by Ronnie Milsap.
Stairway To Heaven
- perhaps Led Zeppelin's greatest hit.
Stand By Your Man
- Tammy Wynette's classic country hit.
Stayin' Alive
- a classic disco tune from the brothers Gibb (B-Gees).
Take My Breath Away
- a love song by Berlin from the film "Top Gun".
- another get-down tune from ZZ Top.
Unbreak My Heart
- a recent love song by Toni Braxton.
Uptown Girl
- another classic tune from Billy Joel.
- a tune from the TV show "Happy Days".
White Room
- another Eric Clapton favorite while with the band, Cream.
X-Files Theme
- haunting theme from the television show "The X-Files".
Yellow Brick Road
- perhaps Elton John's most famous tune.
- another classic ballad from the later Beatles repertoire.
- a whimsical dancing tune from the Village People.