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May, 2007

For Immediate Release

Silver Seal Products Co., Inc., Trenton, MI, announces the acquisition of Seal-Lock International, Dresher, PA effective May, 2007. Seal-Lock manufactures several patented products for numerous industries including Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace, since 1962.

These products include Seal-Lock Self Tapping Solid Thread Repair Inserts®, Seal-All Head & Block Sealer®, Seal-Lock Fluid Weld®, Seal-Lock Seal-Tabs®, Seal-Lock Grip®, Seal-Lock TMT Lubricant®, S-L-I Liquid Gunsmith®, and a complete Crack Repair System featuring Sealace® & Alumalace® Repair Plugs for Cylinder Head, Block, and Casting repairs on Cast Iron and Aluminum applications.

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All Manufacturing, Sales, Technical and Customer Service operations have been moved to Silver Seal’s main headquarters in Trenton, Michigan. Any inquiries can be answered at or (800) 521-2936.


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