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Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics & Fireworks
UK Agent for NoMatchTM Ignition System

Manufactured by B&C Products Inc, the NoMatch ignition system radically redefines firework ignition technology.

Facilitating massively increased safety and new possibilities in pyrotechnic artistry, NoMatch is now available in the UK for the first time ever from Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics and Fireworks...

How does it work?
NoMatch is initiated by a special starter which can be fired by electric match or a manually lit fuse. A supersonic shock wave travelling through the high-explosive dusted NoMatch tube is then converted back to a flame front at 3000 degrees C to ignite black match or powder directly by an API (All Purpose Ignitor). Signal splitter T's can be fitted into the NoMatch to facilitate many simultaneous ignitions over an unlimited front.

Available soon... ask for more information today!

There's no match like NoMatch!

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