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Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics & Fireworks

Digital Electronic Control Systems

Now used in five contries worldwide, the FXM range of control systems offer value for money, simplicity and reliability.

As well as a standard range of control systems custom boxes are available to order.

FXM 20/120
The standard off-the shelf control box offering 20 channels of push-to-fire control with fully automatic ultra-low current digital continuity checker for total operator confidence. Mains or battery powered this box is extremely simple to use. Optional accessories include a digital synchro-start display timer and gooseneck light. Output is via two multicore connectors, which can be either the inexpensive and popular D-type, or military specification connectors.

Multicore cables, which carry ten circuits each, can be ordered in any length. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Splitter Unit
Facilitates the firing of 120 circuits from an FXM 20/120 or FXM Expand.
Splitter units can be daisy chained together to offer all 120 circuits at several places on the firing area. The splitter unit takes just two multicore inputs, so you no longer have to have hundreds of wires trailing across your site to the control position. Rigging and set-out times are much reduced and the simple plug-in approach makes wiring very simple.

FXM Expand
Similar to the standard FXM, but with as added expansion socket for users to use additional methods of control such as programmable chase units, remote switching etc. etc. Therange of accessories is ontinually being expanded.

Custom Systems
We are always happy to quote for a system to meet your specific needs at an affordable price

The Future
We are currently developing the FXM Pro range of firing systems which will offer computerised display scripting and automated firing as well as a comprehensive range of advanced safety features. Watch this space, more info coming soon...

For more information on any firing system email Sam Woodward

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