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Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics & Fireworks

"Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics and Fireworks combines innovation, energy, vision and charisma with a strict safety-first policy"

As seen on TV!

Combining new and established technologies with the artistic medium of pyrotechnics, our record-breaking FXM digital control systems are currently used in five countries worldwide and we have introduced the revolutionary NoMatchTM ignition system to the UK for the first time. Every firework display we produce is indevidually designed. As one of the few pyrotechnists who can actually read music fluently Sam Woodward is in demand as a freelance choreographer within the UK. Our special effects services include the full range of stage and screen pyrotechnics.

Control Systems - Fireworks and Pyromusical Choreography - NoMatch - Special Effects for Stage and Screen


Digital Electronic Control Systems

A full range of control systems for fireworks or indoor effects.
Custom systems and accessories.

Firework Displays

Shells break above the sea at Sam Woodward's Display for
Eastbourne's Fiesta '96 Carnival

Pyromusical Choreography

UK Agent for


Ignition System

Special Effects


Stage And Screen

We also supply a full range of pyrotechnic hardware such as welded mortar racking systems and stage pyrotechnic accessories.
Flash hoods and other safety equipment is also available. Check out our handy mortar-periscope for examining tubes safely!

New World Record!
The Record Breaking Launch of 39,210 Rockets in association with PyroMac Fireworks Ltd. of Jersey, August 1997

Contact us for more information on any product or service:

9 Hill Road
East Sussex
BN20 8SA
Tel. / Fax. +44 (0)1323 735665
    8 Trevose House
    Orsett Street
    SE11 5PN
    Tel. +44 (0)171 582 1231

Email Sam Woodward for general enquiries

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VAT Reg No: GB 707 4474 31

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All forms of explosives are very dangerous if used incorrectly or if they fall into the wrong hands. Regulations vary depending on where you are, licencing, audience size/distance etc. Check the regulations, read the rules and if in doubt leave it out!

Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics and Fireworks is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by pyrotechnics or electronic control systems in any way whatsoever.

Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics and Fireworks do not manufacture explosive devices or fireworks nor do we supply fireworks or effects to non-professional users.

NoMatch is a Trade Mark of B&C Products, Inc. Available in the UK only from Sam Woodward Pyrotechnics and Fireworks