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A MOTHER'S HEART by Beverly Jacobs

When in the womb a seed is planted,
No longer is your life your own.
Your heart becomes God's fertile garden
Where love, joy, pain and sorrow are grown.

The baby grows beneath your heart,
And is fed by your life's blood
With no thought by you of what you're giving
Only knowing that God's gift is good.

With each movement of the life within
The bond becomes an unbreakable cord.
Your heart feeds love to your baby,
And sings with joy to the living Lord.

As time goes by and your babe is born
Your heart becomes a target, wide,
For every emotion that God has given
From joyous laughter to tears that you try to hide.

And, although your blood no longer nurtures,
You are asked to give beyond and above.
Your heart knows, and gives, the divine mission...
God's truth, planted, then watered by your tears of love.

Then comes the day when your child will say,
"I must go, and try my wings."
Your heart knows the cord will never be broken.
It's more than just a man-made string.

This cord is a strong, God-given link
That nothing could ever tear apart.
It's the love for His own and the truth of His being
Fed to HIS child through a Mother's heart.

© May 10, 1991 Beverly Jacobs

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