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 Welcome to
The Poetry Corner Newsletter
June 27, 1999
Volume 20

If you do not wish to be on the mailing list, please send me an email
and I will take you off of the Mailing list. If you have any comments
upon the contents or suggestions I would love to hear from you. All
comments regarding specific poems will be forwarded on to its author.

Each week one poem will be chosen for display on

The Poetry Corner - Index web page.

The selection of the week will be made anonymously by FyreCougar.
To ensure that the most worthy poem is selected by merit and not by
personality. If you Know someone who would like to participate or would
enjoy reading this mailing. Please forward it on. Send us your submissions.
All are welcome and no poem will be unused. As long as it remains within
the guidelines of AOL TOS.

Note: due to the diversity and a desire to share all that i receive from
the various contributors to the Newsletter ... the theme is Poets Choice.


BY FeatDesign

"Quiet Content"

Dearest Love
Whom I no not yet,
I pledge my trust
With no regret,

And watch the skies
For angels sent,
To seal me in
This quiet content,

Dearest Love
Of whom I've dreamed,
Reveal yourself
For what you seem,

And though your flesh
Is sweet divine,
In truth I lust
Thy knowing mind...

BY Cappyyy

My Soulmate

your soul crossed my soul today
i felt you as if you were here
yet i know i am alone on this earth without you
we both chose this...
even though you are not with me i can feel your heart beat
within mine..
we maynot be together this lifetime..
but i know you are there...
waiting, waiting for the next lifetime together..
we have been and together we will always be..
one soul for all eternity...

Lost Love

she walked along the path..
her thoughts brought her back to that morning..
tears fell as she rememebered his touch, his kiss
time stood still that day..
as they held each other they never wanted to let go..
she stopped to pick some daisies on the way
he loved daisies..
she stood at the station the day he left..
his face etched upon her soul.
she waited til his train was out of sight
wishing he hadnt gone..
her wave frozen in time...
a tear fell upon her flowers as she stood there
leaning down she told him ill love you forever.
as she touched her wedding band..
she turned to walk away...
never noticing the man..
his wav frozen in time..


BY Ronnna

And The Angels Played

the Angels played
amongst the
that summer day
we met
and Laughed
as they looked down
at loves


BY SoryXcuses

Long Point Light House

Long Point's apparitional
this warm spring morning,
the strand a blur of sandy light,

and the square white
of the lighthouse--separated from us
by the bay's ultramarine

as if it were nowhere
we could ever go--gleams
like a tower's ghost, hazing

into the rinsed blue of March,
our last outpost in the huge
indetermination of sea.

It seems cheerful enough,
in the strengthening sunlight,
fixed point accompanying our walk

along the shore. Sometimes I think
it's the where-we-will-be,
only not yet, like some visible outcropping

of the afterlife. In the dark
its deeper invitations emerge:
green witness at night's end,

flickering margin of horizon,
marker of safety and limit.
But limitless, the way it calls us,

and where it seems to want us
to come. And so I invite it
into the poem, to speak,

and the lighthouse says:
Here is the world you asked for,
gorgeous and opportune,

here is nine o'clock, harbor-wide,
and a glinting code: promise and warning.
The morning's the size of heaven.

What will you do with it?


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