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Name Of A Brother


While walking down a lonely trail,
thinking that Charlie would show
without fail,

I clicked my M-16 on automatic, just as
I rounded a bend, When all of a sudden I heard
that all too familiar clack,of
an Ak-47,who had my back?

Just as that Charlie got off his first round,
I was hit from behind and knocked to the ground.
As I lay there motionless

I realized for certain that I would be dead
if it weren't for another.

And to this day I can't remember his name.

All these years of not knowing has caused me
some shame.

So I come to a wall all filled up with names

For it may be here that appears the name of a
brother who happened one day to save the life
of another

© by

March 1, 200, Lou suffered
A Massive Heart Attack
Now Rests In The Arms of Angels
July 14, 1945 - March 26, 2000
Lou Eltringham
coB1st bn5thcav first cavlry division
Vietnam, March 1968 to March 1969

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