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Where Has Romance Gone? by Alexandria Miller

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Did we lose it when we turned forty?
when we got hard inside from our lives outside
from broken promises, cheaters, and those who
played with our hearts
did we lose it in battles, corporate downsizing,
or the six o'clock news

Have televisions, the internet, and vcr's won the game
have things tainted us so much we can no longer feel what is real
we can no longer see beauty in the ocean or mountains or trees
did we lose the game of life worth living to gadgets that fill up our time

Is it still possible to find a man who feels and loves without conditions
can i find someone who will lay on the beach and look at the stars
someone who will sit by a fire and tell me all their dreams
are candlelight and slow dancing things only of my past
Is there a chance for that special fever to rise in my blood just from your touch

where did romance go
I hope that one day I will again know
that special glance across a room or flowers at my door
watching the sun go down on my life is not for me
I will search for what I desire
I will find the fire, the passion and romance meant just for me.

©: October 17, 2000 by Alexandria Miller

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