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"Crystal's Poem"

    But: Why does this pain me so?

Thoughts flow threw my mind like a gentle southern wind,
Aware of the beginning, but unable to find an end.

This girl with eyes of blue has taken away my heart,
The pain she has left behind is tearing my soul apart.

So many people cherish fine China and stones and even silverware,
But I held the most beautiful Crystal of which those don't even compare.

Why doesn't she understand what she has done to me inside?
Can't she see by my pillow stains from all the tears I've cried?

Her name is so befitting for she is a gem among the sand,
How I wish I could hold her tight and take her by the hand.

I want her with me far away from this cold harsh world of ours,
And make love to her with passion until the daylight hours.

She wants to live her life without me by her side,
She says she cares about me, but turns around to hide.

I regret for having told her that we should date around,
For now I'm standing all alone away from solid ground.

I only want what's best for her because she deserves respect,
But having met and fallen in love is something I did not expect.

What makes her so unique and makes me yearn for more?
What makes me crave her affection that chills me to the core?

Perhaps she was a fleeting star that raced across the sky,
Momentarily making me feel that I was the apple of her eye.

I know nothing lasts forever, but why does this pain me so?
Why did I have to fall in love and now have to let her go?

            ©          January, 2000

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