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Babyluvsya53's Poems, Page2

Loneliness and Despire

Loneilness and despire surrounded me
like the night
I could not find the light
Loneliness and despire
had gripped me tight

The world went on around me
yet i remained alone as
Loneliness and Despire
had claimed me as
their own

I tried and tried to be free
but loneliness and despire
had their hold on me

I reached from the darkness
hoping my hand you would take
help me from the darkness
lead me into the light

You touched my hand
as you reach for my heart
Only you let go
so that loneliness and despire
could keep their hold

3/20/98 By BabyLuvsya53

Not To Me

You entered my world from out of no where
Knowing just what to say and to do
you carressed me with your words
as you slipped into my heart
claiming it as your own

Only you knew it
could never be
as you
belong to another
and not to me.

Our hearts are as one
but still there is no sun
as you
belong to another
not me
for you see
our love it
can never be

You belong to
another and
not to me

5/18/99 by Babyluvsya53

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