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Heart's Comfort

There is silence,
it is dark;
But: I can still see

A whisper of a breeze
Gently touches my face
Like an Angel's Kiss

Time seems to stand still
My mind wanders
To another time
another place

I remember Her touch,
Her fragrance
The smile upon Her face.

How beautiful
The way She moves
Her sweet taste.

Now all gone,
Has She forgotten?
All that took place?

She says, so cold,
no longer is she
In love with me.

Tears stain my heart
As I return to this moment;
To this here and now.

How cruel
This Love
For A Woman can be!

Then I look around
As I feel a hand rest upon my arm
An Angel is standing there.

My Guardian, My Life Companion
This Angel of Light.
Takes me and Holds me

With God's compassion,
With God's Love,
My Angel Holds me Near
Holds me with God's Power
Holds me with God's Might.

Some wonder how they can go on
When Heart's suffering is felt
Yet, God's Angels are there,
If they just let them

No Human Love
Can compare
With God's
And His Angels
Sent By His Love

For His Warriors
For His Children
Heart's Comfort, Is Eternal!!!
God Does Care !!!

©  by  Robert Michael Beamer
July 19, 1999

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