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My Time For Angels
Grows Ever Near

As I grew older
There became less and less Hugs

As there Were less and less Hugs
I grew older.

Why? Because: She Denied Me!!!

Then, came close:
And met Death,
Eye to Eye.

Death, I found
Is not to be feared

Death; is but:
A Sweet Angel of God.

Death, Held me
Kissed my brow
Gave me An Angels Hug.
Wiping the Grief from my Face.

Giving me extended, Life,
Day to Day
As a Gift of Love
from My Father In Heaven Above

Then Soon After
Showing me what was
Very Soon to come.

Now, as I lay alone
With no one to hug me
The Angels come:
And hold me
With Angelic Embrace.
So the next day I can Face.

Thanks to The Lord Above.

For Now I Understand

©  by  Robert Michael Beamer
May 1., 1999

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