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" Granny "
by Robert Michael Beamer


The Granny I knew,

Mother of my Father,
She was Sweet Human Being Through and Through.
My Grandmother and
Yes, She was a Granny Too

Born around the time
Doc Holliday was 20 years old
Or so I was told.

She was still young, at age 70
when I was born.
She gave me her heart
and love truly from the heart

She could heal a child's hurt
and wipe away saddness and tears.
Yes, she was a Granny

A Granny is A Very Special thing
In Some Parts of the World
A woman of Respect
A woman of Grace
A woman knows of God's Love
for the Human Race

She taught me of another America
One soon to be completely lost

Most of all, when I was alone
and with out benefit of my Mother
she came to me and loved me
Her Grandson, as if there were no Other.

I remember her each morning
She woke each dawn and
she would brush and comb her long hair and
sang a now forgotten song

Her choirs she did
and fixed breakfast.
She expressed Love for the Lord
In Her Faith, she stood fast

I have been in the world as a man
and I can hold my head high.
For this unediucated half indian woman
taught me better than could any other
What it means to be a Man.

For me she Prayed to God
She never missed a night

Yes, I know wrong from right!!!

She passed on in 1972
Almost age 96

Yet she lives on in this boy of an Old Man

I know I am still Loved
by someone in heaven above

But Know this Granny,
I will miss you the rest of my Life.

Granny Was born in 1876 and passed away in 1972.
She was half Cherokee indian

1999     by Robert Michael Beamer

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