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Welcome To The Worlds Largest Collection Of Web Page Links To. . Pipe Organs,Pianos,Reed Organs,Harpsichords,Melodeons,Harmoniums, Music Boxes, Organists, Musicians,Player Pianos,Mechanical Musical Devices,Music Sites,MIDI and all other Keyboard Instruments etc.


We have attempted to provide the worlds largest collection of web page links to allow people who are interested in keyboard musical instruments a one place stop for information on Builders, Companies, Enthusiasts, Churches, E-mail lists and magazines etc.

If you have any links or web pages that you would like to add to these pages please e-mail me at
If you have any information or websites containing information about The History of the Canadian Musical Instrument Trade, Please contact me @ ndenton434@bigwave.ca, or join the "Canadian Musical Instrument Heritage E-mail list" @ http://www.onelist.subscribe.cgi/cmih

All links are property of their owners. We are not responsible for any information contained in any link. Please notify us of any dead links or any objectionable links listed. We do not endorse any product or service contained in any link and we do not necessarily recommend any product or service or accuracy of any link or information contained therein.

The Following links are to my own web pages and those of others. Each page contains hundreds, even thousands of links.
You have been warned!!
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**The Harpsichord Tracker Project - 1200 + links
**A bunch of Links - Unsorted
The 1999 Hamilton Convention Of The R.C.C.O.
A Link To A Large Search-able Website Featuring Church Webpages From Around The World
Pipes And Personalities - Theatre Pipe Organs and Concert Listings from around the world.
**More Links as of April 19 1998
American Institute Of Organbuilders
American Pipe Organ Builders Association
British Institute For Organ Studies
American Guild Of Organists
PIPORG-L an E-mail mailing list about organs
PIPECHAT A Lighter Version of PIPORG-L
The Royal Canadian College Of Organists
ORGAN ALTERNATIVES - News about Canadian organs and Organists
Canadian Piano Industry Links
Piano Technicians Guild
International Organ Foundation ( based in Spain)
Pipe Organ Encyclopedia
German Pipe Organ Builders Addresses
M.I.T.A. Musical Instrument Technicians Association ( Very Large- Great Electronic Organ Info)
"Organlist" An e-mail List - All are welcome to join
A Hammond Organ Mailing List
The National Pipe Organs Register
Atlantic City Convention Hall Main Organ (Midmer-Losh), Atlantic City NJ
Organ Historical Society:
Orgelforum, a German internet forum about organs and organ music
Wanamaker Grand Court Organ (L.A. Art Organ Co.), Lord & Taylor, PA
THE THEATRE ORGAN HOMEPAGE- All about Theatre Organs
Join the "Organ Web Ring" link your "Organ" website to others
Research-it! a really great group of links to Encyclopedias Dictionaries Reference Books Online etc.
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A large website with links to "Mirco Tonal Music" ( non-standard temperments) by J Starret
"Harpsichord-L" An e-mail mailing list about Harpsichords
**"Organic Humour" A e-mail list for music related jokes and humorous stories
"churchorganist" An e-mail list for church organists
**The Canadian Musical Instrument Heritage E-mail List - subscribe here
The Reed Organ Society
Mechanical Music Digest -Email list ( All about player pianos, music boxes, band organs etc.)
Mechanical Music Digest -Links (Links to player pianos, music boxes, band organs etc.)
The American Musical Instrument Society ( History, Collecting, Use, Design - very big )
Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors Association
Classical Net - Links to all kinds of early music sites.
**A picture of Nelson and Tracy Denton
**Norwich Cathedral pic spec from 1899 page 1 - Norman and Beard organ
**Norwich Cathedral pic spec from 1899 page 2 - Norman and Beard organ
**Norwich Cathedral pic spec from 1899 page 3 - Norman and Beard Organ
**Norwich Cathedral pic spec from 1899 page 4 - Norman and Beard Organ
** A picture of our "Baby" Marsha at 8 weeks old
The Society of the Friends of the Organ ( Germany)
** The Canadian Musical Instrument Heritage Website. NEW - under construction
Organ Trade-names ( mostly electronic)
The "List" of Period Instrument Perfomance Ensembles
The list of Early Music Vocal Ensembles
The list of Authentic Performance Recording Labels
The Reed Organ Society
ORGANCHAT an e-mail list about almost anything.
**Church Links - A mailing list for reporting new links to church websites
The Home Page Web Site of The American Theatre Organ Society
** The Pipe Organ Tracker Project Mirror Site - NEW - Under construction
** The MIDI Tracker Project - 1200+ links to MIDI sites - software, hardware, files, etc. NEW!
** e-mail.htm"> The E-mail List Tracker Project - Links to e-mail sites about organs and music.
** orgelbau.htm">The Orgelbau Tracker Project. - Links to German organ builders websites. Pages may be in German
The Historic American Sheet Music Site (Thousands of pieces of historic sheet music - well worth the visit)
"** The Player Piano Tracker Project - New - Under construction
" The Classical Music Webring - 800+ classical music websites
The UK Piano Page - All about the British Piano Industry - Has an Excellent Page about the History of Pianos

R. A. DENTON AND SON CUSTOM PIPE ORGAN BUILDERS 140 Mount Albion Road Hamilton Ontario Canada L8K 5S8

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"R. A. Denton and Son" is a family owned business that has been continuously building pipe organs in the Hamilton area for over 125 years. We started as the "Walter Spencer Organ Company" under Walter Spencer Circa 1868. R. Arthur Denton joined the firm as an apprentice around 1902 and in 1910 He had purchased the firm from Mr. Spencer, After Walter's retirement R.A. Denton and a few of his family and friends formed "The Hamilton Church Organ Works" By the 1920's the company's name was changed to R.A. Denton and by the mid 1930's to R. A. Denton and Son.
The company has been owned and operated by V.Janine and Nelson E. Denton since 1978. We are the grandchildren of the late Richard "Arthur" Denton and we are the son and daughter of the late Ellery A. Denton.

In case you are wondering we are not looking for any more work at this time. We have work ahead enough to last well into the next century.

Please feel free to promote and link this website to any other website, or refer to this website in any publication or search engine.
Only by promoting the Pipe Organ and Keyboard Music Industry can we bring others to enjoy our works and the works of those who have gone before us.

If you experiance any problem reaching any web site listed on these pages be patient. Sometimes servers are down or they are very busy. If you cannot reach any link after several attempts please notify me so I can find out the problem or delete the dead link.

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