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Journey Within

Welcome to my Web Site. I am an Intuitive/Spiritual Consultant with 25 years of experience. The work I do involves helping people look within in order to discover and develop their own abilities. We all have these abilities. It's really just a matter of focusing and developing them. I am very eclectic, and have a wide range of services to offer, ranging from intuitive readings; spirit communication; mind projection; energy work and healing; DNA recoding and the ascension process; past/parallel/future life recall; recognizing, processing, and releasing psychological and emotional blocks; and I recently became certified in Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese form of healing touch.


Allow me to assist you with any life issues or problems that may be troubling you at this time. I can also assist you in discovering any "star connections" you may have. If you have questions regarding earth changes or ascension, please feel free to contact me by email, or by using the ICQ message center at the bottom of this page. My connection with light beings from Arcturus and the Higher Realms of Light have been a wonderful source of information regarding what we are experiencing at this unique time on Planet Earth. My purpose is to educate, and teach others how to find their own answers, and how to access their higher selves, angels, ascended masters and other extrasolar light beings who are here to assist us as we ascend into the Higher Realms of Light.


To arrange a session with me, please click on the email address below and let me know what you would like to arrange. I will read for you by phone, via email, or ICQ chat. Taped sessions are also available. Pricing will be provided upon request. Please email me for more information, or just write if you would like to exchange email (free :) as I love communicating in this manner with others who are open spiritually.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Light and Love, Betty

My Email address is:

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