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Newspaper Classified Advertising Sources

You can pick and choose from a huge database of over 21,000 newspapers reaching over 96 million homes for newspaper advertising in America! Mark the papers you want and add them to your order. Enter your ad copy, classification and run week. Then checkout. It's that easy!

Business that benefit from newspaper advertising?

  • Attorney Services
  • Real Estate/Timeshare
  • Business Opportunities/MLM
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Recruitment Firms
  • Auctions
  • Home Based Businesses

Newspaper Buys
Nationwide classifieds advertising in newspaper publications nationwide. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Business Opportunity Classifieds!
Business Opportunity Advertising
State And Community Newspaper Ad Buys!
Newspaper advertising by state. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Power Buys!
This area is only for serious advertisers! (Reserved for entities with large advertising budgets) ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Advertise your products and services in specialty magazines that target niche demographic markets, such as Christian, Parenting, Hispanic, etc. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
PennySaver advertising, PennySaver want ads and PennySaver classifieds in free weeklies nationwide from top on line advertising portals. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Thrifty Nickel!
Offers thrifty nickel advertising, thrifty nickel want ads and thrifty nickel classifieds in free weeklies nationwide through top on line advertising portals. . ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Canada Ad Buys!
Reach over MILLION's of homes in Canada with this combination of paid daily, paid weekly and free weekly newspapers. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
College Ad Buys!
Reach over millions of STUDENTS with these unique college buys. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Free Shoppers!
Choose from national popluar newspapers. ..[..CLICK HERE]..:
Employment Ad & Business Opportunity Top Producer!
This program consists of employment resource guides for hundreds of thousands of job seekers each week in the markets of New York/ New Jersey, Chicago, Indianapolis, Houston and Florida (including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach). It provides a cost effective method for employers to reach potential candidates, generating proven results. The publications are rack distributed at over 7,700 locations weekly. For one low cost you can reach all 5 publications with a combined readership of over 675,000...[..CLICK HERE]..:

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