Peter Hammill solo
Colony Cafe, Woodstock, NY
Wednesday June 18 2008

Yamaha Acoustic Grand piano

Don't Tell Me
Just Good Friends
Nothing Comes
Friday Afternoon

Acoustic Guitar

The Comet
If I Could
Time For A Change
Central Hotel
(Fantastic) For me this one picked up from here
Primo on The Parapet

Four Pails
Meanwhile My Mother
A Better Time
Stranger Still
(At the piano for the Vienna he walked to the right side of the stage for the 'stranger/worldy man' ending)


"Again"...acappella (sung from the left side of the balcony, with no stage lights...

There was a balcony going all the way around, and ph said that the Globe Theatre aspects of the place brought out his Shakespearean side.

And for the 3rd consecutive night Peter came out and met with fans.

we missed Iggy from Newburgh who couldn't make it....