Peter Hammill and Stuart Gordon
Terni, Palazzo Gazzoli Sala Blu November 30 2001


Siren Song
A Better Time
Nothing Comes
Wendy and the Lost Boy
Here Come The Talkies

Shingle Song
Like Veronica

Stranger Still

Encore: Been Alone So Long

Peter Hammill's handwriten set list.....altered by not playing 'Edge of The Road".......

It was the third night of this mini Italian Tour, and a very special night as the show was organised by a member of the Hammillitalia mailinglist, Simone Mazzilli.

Thanks Paolo for this report!!

Thanks to the Mayor of Terni, the show took place in an intimate and beautiful concert hall, the "Sala Blu" (which in italian means "blue room", as blue was the colour of the seats, of the carpet and of the walls) placed beneath one of the oldest palaces of Terni, Palazzo Gazzoli.

We arrived early in the evening, and the first surprise was finding on stage a beautiful Steinway grand piano. Peter gladly accepted to get rid of his keyboard, though I have to say that the acoustic piano slowed down the songs a bit, so the best part of the show was again the guitar one.

Setlist was very similiar to Pescara. "Edge of the road" also was in the list but was dropped during the set. The highlights were a tight and powerful "Comfortable", a long "Modern", Peter and Stuart jamming a lot on it, and a heartfelt "Refugees". This one nearly led me to tears, Peter playing the last part of the song, after the instrumental break, alone, Stuart looking at him in contemplation.

"Been alone so long" was a nice choice as an encore, Stuart taking care of the Jaxonsax parts very well. Low parts were again the "What, now?" songs, especially a confused and harsh "Here come the talkies", too complex to play as a duo in my opinion.

Crowd reaction was good, though there were only around 150 people, much less than expected. Overall a good show, better than Pescara, though maybe Peter was a bit tired as that was the third show in a row.

Thanks Marco for the photos taken at Verona on Thursday