Teatro el Globo, Buenos Aires
Sunday August 15 1999

Review by Jose

The show was really fantastique!. PH was in a great shape and made songs from the last Albums Everyone you Hold and This and from early solo works and also from Still Life from VDGG. The performances were awesome and I have little words in my poor english to express the magnifiscience of all the show.He was very kind and had great sense of humour with the warm public that listened with extatical attention.

In Buenos Aires PH is venerated as a sort of musical god and treated with extreme respect, but this did not diminish the good communication with the audience. I have little time to write right now but I will make a detailed musical review of this show later on for your information. Tomorrow PH will make another show near Buenos Aires in the Auditorium of San Isidro Cathedral at 9.00 pm Buenos Aires Time. I will not be in the city to see the show, but some friends will go and give you a review later on.