A Quiz

Test your knowledge of Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf
(click the question line for the answer):

1) Which film director is mentioned in a Peter Hammill solo song? :

a. Hitchcock
b. Bergman
c. Fellini
d. Orson Welles
e. Antonioni

2) Peter Hammill once supported Jimi Hendrix at which venue:

a. The Marquee London
b. The Venue, London
c. Queen Elizabeth Hall
d. The London Roundhouse
e. Albert Hall

3) Which musician sang backing vocals on the 1986 lp/cd "Skin"?

a. David Rhodes
b. David Lord
c. David Jackson
d. David Luckhurst
e. Hal David

4) With which country great does Peter Hammill share a birthdate?:

a. Hank Williams
b. Marty Robbins
c. Johnny Cash
d. Roy Rogers
e. Rick Nelson

5) Which of these Bob Dylan songs has a relation to "Mirror Images":

a. Idiot Wind
b. Positively 4th Street
c. Don't Think Twice, It's all Right
d. All Along The Watchtower
e. Desolation Row

6) Van der Graaf Generator have played all of these solo songs live, except:

a. Gog
b. A Louse Is Not A Home
c. The Lie
d. Faint-Heart The Sermon
e. (In The) Black Room

7) Which of these albums did David Jackson "not" play on?:

a. Vital
b. H to HE
c. Fools Mate
d. Aerosal Grey Machine
e. Enter K

8) The title "Modern" is from:

a. Plato
b. The film "Modern Times"
c. British Prime Minister Churchill
d. British Prime Minister Disraelli
e. Sophocles

9) Match the song with the liquor::

Champagne . . . German Overalls
Brandy . ........ . . Pompeii
Beer . . .......... . . Siren Song
Tequila . ....... . . Faculty X
Wine ......... . . . . My Experience

10. Which musician has never played bass guitar on a Peter Hammill or Van Der Graaf Album:

a. Peter Hammill
b. Keith Ellis
c. Guy Evans
d. Nic Potter
e. Hugh Banton

11) Where was the Inventor of The Van der Graaff Generator born?

a. Amsterdam
b. London
c. Manchester
d. Alabama
e. Boston

12) Who named the band "Van der Graaf Generator"?

a. Peter Hammill
b. Chris "Judge" Smith
c. John Anthony
d. Tony Stratton-Smith
e. John Peel

13) Peter has worked on 3 releases by one of the following Japanese recording Artists; One Album in particular features 5 songs on which he wrote the lyrics and sings.

a. Yuji Takahashi
b. Ayuo Takahshi
c. Hikaru Hayashi
d. Toshiro Mayuzumi
e. Naoyuki Miura

14) What Orchestra played "This Side of The Looking Glass" on the "Over" lp from 1976?

a. London Symphony
b. Ulster Orchestra
c. BBC Philharmonic
d. BBC Welsh Symphony
e. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

15) Peter sings a duet on Robert Fripp's "Exposure" album with which of the Roche sisters:

a. Maggie
b. Suzzy
c. Terre

16) Which scientist is quoted in a Peter Hammill song?:

a. Newton
b. Rutherford
c. Dirac
d. Einstein
e. Lord Kelvin

17) Which Shakespeare play is quoted on "In A Foreign Town"?

a. Henry III
b. Henry IV Part 1
c. Henry IV Part 2
d. Richard II
e. Falstaff

18) "Meurgly's" is named after::

a. A French Typewriter
b. A Liquor store in Paris
c. A Greek Mythological Figure
d. A French Medieval poem.
e. A short story by Borges

19) Which French Film did Peter write the score:

a. Emmène-oui
b. Emmène-moi
c Emmène-moo
d. Emmène-mao
e. Emmy-mou

20) Which song was originally in place of "Still In The Dark" on the "The Future Now" Album ?

a. The Poloroid
b. Time For A Change
c. The Spirit
d. Handicap and Equality
e. Not For Keith

21) Who plays drums/percussion on the song "Sitting Targets"?

a. Peter Hammill
b. Chris Judge Smith
c. Guy Evans
d. Morris Pert
e. David Jackson

22) Of the following, who has "not" contributed strings to a Peter Hammill recording?

a. Graham Smith
b. David Lord
c. Stuart Gordon
d. Dick Charles
e. Charles Dickie

23) In April 1985, Peter Hammill played in Washington DC, the United States Capitol, and changed a line in "Time For A Change" mentioning which American President:

a. Richard Nixon
b. Jimmy Carter
c. Gerald Ford
d. Abraham Lincoln
e. Ronald Reagan

24) Who plays drums on the original album version of "Flight" from "A Black Box"

a. Guy Evans
b. Manny Elias
c. Peter Hammill

25) Where was Van der Graaf Generator's first United States Concert?

a. Chicago Theatre
b. All Souls Church, Kansas City Missouri
c. The Beacon Theatre New York City
d. Radio City Music Hall, New York City
e. Santa Monica Civic, California

26) Which John Lennon song has Peter sung in concert?

a. Crippled Inside
b. Yer Blues
c. Give Peace A Chance
d. Isolation
e. Across The Universe

27) Which Beatle appears on the Paul Whitehead Pawn Hearts Lp Cover?

a. John
b. Paul
c. George
d. Ringo

28) Where was the first Peter Hammill solo concert in United States:

a. Bottom Line New York
b. Other End New York
c. Troubadour West Hollywood California
d. Mabuhay Gardens San Fransisco
e. The Roxy West Hollywood California

29) Who designed the Van der Graaf Generator Logo that appears on "Godbluff" "Still Life" and "World Record"? :

a. John Pastiche
b. John Pasche
c. Paul Ridout
d. Paul Whitehead
e. Edith Head

Bonus Question) Which of these Titles is also an Italian Brewed Beer?:

a. La Rossa
b. Gaia
c. Octopus
d. Rubicon
e. Palinurus

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