Here's the ph set from QEH Friday Oct 8 2004 including a world premiere and another rarely played classic from the past.

My Room
Siren Song
Better Time
Gone Ahead
If I Could
Shingle Song
Easy To Slip Away
Four Pails!!
Stranger Still
Still Life
Encore IN THE END!

Review posted by Keith Knight at yahoo:

Yes, an incredibly intense night, PH spotlit in white shirt as usual and no break respite. The death elements in the songs stood out - so many references without really moving away from the usual set too much. I suppose Better Time was a given in the circumstances (and may be for some time to come - it just felt overwhelmingly right). Four Pails was almost unbearable and I was surprised not to hear 'Not For Keith'. I found myself in tears during the line from Vision "May I die in your arms so the vision may never shatter".

A couple of low key references from PH to circumstances - "I'm REALLY pleased to be here tonight" and - after Patient - "You'll be pleased to hear that there is at least one doctor in the house this evening".

'In the End' is in my top ten PH songs and I haven't heard it live since Corsham Arts Centre in 73. I used to think a lot about what would happen in the far distant future when PH disappeared from my life and always assumed that 'In the End' would be the last song he played live at his last gig as it was so apposite. But until tonight I wasn't sure he felt the same way. Now I know it's an option and bringing it back in the canon feels like the start of the endgame. But let's hope that the endgame lasts decades. On the evidence of tonight there's no reason why not. This was not a man holding back in any way. A great evening.

The seasons roll on and my love stays strong.