Cagli Festival Pescara, Italy
Friday July 11th, 2003
Guest: Peter Hammill

Thanks to Renato and Ben for the Reviews

From Renato:

PFM + Peter Hammill concert was in Mondavio(a medieval little town on the hill), for the "Summer's Curtain" festival. Peter Hammill was only a guest for the concert of P.F.M.(an Italian storical progressive group of the '70). The stage was in the parking of a factory "Alluflon" they produce metal pots.

Peter sang only 3 songs with PFM. "I will find you" very hurled and exiting "Sea of memories" written with PFM Really beautifull "Impressioni di Settembre" PFM song in Italian language that Peter speaks very well.

So there was no solo performance of Peter Hammill like I hoped,a big wasted opportunity, but in the few minutes he remained on the stage he transmitted a great energy and sympathy.

Il concerto si Ŕ svolto per la rassegna "Sipario D'Estate"a Mondavio in provincia di Pesaro.

Il palco era sistemato nel parcheggio di una fabbrica "Alluflon".

Il grande Peter Hammill ha eseguito soltanto 3 canzoni assieme alla PFM.

"I will find you" "Sea of memories" e "Impressioni di settembre" in Italiano.

Purtroppo Ŕ stata una grande occasione sprecata per assistere e ascoltare le canzoni di Hammill.

Nonostante questo i pochi minuti che Ŕ rimasto sul palco sono bastati per trasmettere una grande intesitÓ e simpatia.




From Ben:

no real surprises here. The first part was identical to the London gig, with PH coming on half-way through for I Will Find You and Sea of Memory. The show was outdoors, and this inevitably meant that there was much less intimacy than I experienced in London, but still one could sense the shift in gear when Peter took the stage. Another kind of musical energy......and great renditions of the two songs, but of course the novelty factor concerning 'I Will Find You' is now gone.......

There followed a second part with some very intense (and frankly tedious) jamming, until Peter took the stage again for the second encore, a superb version of Impressioni di Settembre sung in duet(!) with PFM guitarist Franco Mussida.

When Peter was first introduced to the audience by drummer/frontman Franz Di Cioccio he was described as a good friend of the band, with whom PFM had recently discovered many points in common.....some common ground....and this is indeed the 3rd show in only a few months' time.