Peter Hammill with Stuart Gordon
Strathclyde Suite at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland
Saturday, October 7, 2006

Thanks to Andy Woods from Scotland for the set list and live report. Thanks also to Velmis, Rene, Sue, and Hugh for the chat.

Grand Piano

Don't Tell Me
A Better Time
Gone Ahead

Acoustic Guitar (Red Ovation)

Shingle Song
Like Veronica (broke string)

2nd Guitar

If I Could


Four Pails
A Way Out



October 14 2006

Oct 14 2006:

Peter Hammill

"Stuart and I successfully came through our reacquaintance with the duo stage in the five UK shows we've just completed. All very enjoyable; several tunes which we haven't played for some time made reappearances and a conscious decision to go for delicacy rather than bombast produced some interesting versions."

"Even though the new CD ("Singularity") is on the verge of release we didn't play any songs from it in these shows and this may well also be the case in the upcoming European shows. A downside of the sparkling new all-action digital age is, of course, that the minute anything is done in public some recording of it is likely to make its way out into cyberspace. I'd rather that these songs were heard for the first time in their recorded context rather than a live one so I guess that precludes giving them an airing yet."

"As I say, "Singularity" will be out soon and a newsletter will coincide with its release. In that newsletter I may or may not expand upon the VdGG statement below. In the meantime, since we're anxious both to express our excitement about and enthusiasm for new work in prospect and also to avoid any inflammatory stuff of a grumpy-old-men-imploding nature here are the bare bones...."