Hammill/Gordon - Naples, Teatro Mediterraneo 2 dec 2001

As you probably know, the Naples show was part of an evening dedicated to the italian progressive rock of the 70's. Bands like Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Le Orme, Osanna played a short set each and were given a prize for their effort during all these years. Peter was the only foreign allowed to play, and closed the evening with a forty minutes guitar set. Setlist was:

Shingle Song
Like Veronica (breaks a string)
Women of Ireland (Stuart solo)

Overall it was a very good, powerful performance, though unfortunately no big surprises in the setlist. The most interesting part was when in the middle of "Veronica" Peter broke a string: they managed to get to the end of it, then Stuart was forced to improvise the traditional "Women of Ireland" theme on his violin while Peter changed the string. "Ophelia" also was a nice choice, a most shouted version I have to say. As already happened in Pescara on the first night of the tour, I saw many people leaving during the set.