SUNDAY 21 JAN 2001

Electric Piano:

Easy To Slip Away
A Better Time
Nothing Comes
Tango For One


Out of My Book
Like Veronica
I Will Find You
Last Frame


Faculty X
Still Life


Shingle Song

Arrived in Koln in early evening. Stopped in a cathedral for a few seconds and onto tourist information; reserved a room at the Esplanade

Getting late, took a taxi to the hotel...very nice place with the Internet in the lobby but another difficult keyboard and mouse I couldn't work

Had a vague idea how to get from my hotel to the club--and left very late [an hour before start time]-The 4 hour train from Berlin was not the best idea
Found the city train station after some rude woman inside some closed store refused to help me....

The local train directions to get to the Kantine I had were great, except that the 2 lines didn't run on Sunday....I had no idea what to do...began asking each person one by one if they could help....The ones who spoke 'a little bit' of English were of no use....but 2 college age guys did, and were great [may have been American] and gave me instructions...they were going in the same direction.... and then drew me a map of where the Kantine was....

A lot farther than I imagined - Must have been 20 blocks [35 minutes] in the snow which began to fall harder and harder as I got closer....

It was actually kind of fun.....had my scarf wrapped tightly around my neck ....stopping at every corner and asked, making sure I was going in the right direction

Cab driver said later he'd never seen snow like that ever in Koln

And being in a foreign country I hate buying American food but McDonalds was all I could find....Had French Fries and coffee....No large available...of course...but drank and ate while walking and just barely made it on time passing Dagmar in the parking lot

Too late to get a good standing place up front but stood off to the right on a ledge which was fine and that's where one of these pictures is from
Rick of course was right down front

I thought Bubble/Faculty X/Traintime were quite good--

Met both Koens [at long last] along with Tina at this concert and saw Jan L again and re-united with 2 of my drivers/pH travellers from fall '99 Gerhard and Joachen

The 3 of us had a great time at a Mexican bar afterwards; Taking turns playing pH songs on the owners RED acoustic guitar....Taxi back to the hotel

Flight from Koln to Amsterdam
Spent 1 Day there and flew back- to Phoenix the next day [connecting Flight in Minnesota] Flight back to Phoenix was canceled-
2 hour wait for the final one

Made it home a little after 2 AM



kantine: I have never been there before, but when they say: doors open at 20.00, just take that literaly, even when it's snowing like hell (like what?) they let you wait outside the door, freezing, with only thoughts on the upcoming gig to keep you warm ...

a typical end-of-tour show in my opinion, with the equally typical slow building up of tension at the start of the set (sorry, after having several & several of these shows I try not to refer to them as boring)

but just when you start to think that it will be just another night, something happens, or rather, ph makes something happen, sometimes accidentilly, sometimes on purpose yesterday evening i had to wait until Tango For One for that to happen:

with a very strange rushing start, and especially with the line: "it's always me me me me me me me me me me me me with you" and then you know the show will start for good I will not complain about yesterday's setlist and finally, i really liked the gig with some very very very intense moments (thinking of a very strong still life) and a good mix between the expected and the unexpected (glad to hear 'i will found you' again), the evernice 'out of my book' and 'autumn' remains unearthly beautiful

ph couldn't find the opening lines of 'shingle song' (second encore, and no, no 2nd House with no Door this tour ...), first refered to it as simply a joke, then starting Again, until SG whispered the correct opening line in his left ear ... Very restrained version, to great effect.

And glad to have met many many usual faces !

Some of us just wanted to say hello to pH after the show, and the other Koen used the occasion to offer pH a copy the Moustaki Massacre CD, a bootleg of the disaster gig of some time ago, where pH opened for Georges Moustaki, but was actually booed off stage by the audience. pH surprised all of us by telling that he's still thinking of writing that Book of his Career, in which he's sure to write several and several pages on his disaster support acts, not for Marillion as I'd expected, but for Peter Tosh, in 1973 he thought, during a long tour through Italy. Curious we all are!

Koen B.