Peter Hammill solo
The Soiled Dove, Denver, Colorado
October 3, 2008

Grand Piano

My Room
Just Good Friends
Gone Ahead
Time Heals

Acousic Guitar

The Comet
The Birds
Central Hotel
Time For A Change
Last Frame

Friday Afternoon
A Better Time

No Encore

*From the original set list: "Ophelia" and "Patient" replaced "Black Room" "Unrehearsed" and "Labour of Love"

Denver Oct 3: Another excellent concert; much calmer than Phoenix ....the end to "Driven' sung in a whisper.... highlights: Opened with "My Room" included in the first piano set: "Gone Ahead" and "Time Heals" guitar: "The Birds" "Central Hotel"

Ending up with "Friday Afternoon", "A Better Time" no encore... very quiet, small audience in a nightclub atmosphere.......

I imagine form the venue name, that "The Birds" could have been predicted...

My first time in Colorado.