17 JANUARY 2001

Grand Piano:

A Better Time
Too Many of My Yesterdays
Nothing Comes
Tango For One


Shingle Song
Nightman/Like Veronica
If I Could


Faculty X/Traintime
Still Life



Dagmar had agreed to pick me up at 10AM in front of the hotel where I was supposed to be. My watch and alarm clock were 2 things that also didn't get packed but did check on the time and thought I'd be ready. My bags were in the hallway and I hear a car honk outside; thought it was her and ran down; however she was actually inside, with it now being after 10AM by a few minutes, she said hurry 'I'm illegally parked' [slight under statement]

The honking was for her as she had blocked a driveway. In another 10 minutes I think all of Linz would have been a massive traffic jam.

As she has said, a 6 hour drive to Darmstadt, passed through Mannheim. Had a few stops to exchange some Austrian money and for food.

Listened to just about every cd she had with her; Something called Momus, others were quite good [just kidding] Judge's Dome of Discovery, which I've never heard....the Judge rides again! I remember it being kind of a grey day but some nice scenery.

Glassed framed concert posters of PH were on the roadway into town facing rush hour traffic that was stopped for the light...for the one sold out concert of the tour

We learned of this one being sold out the previous night but were assured we'd get in; which we did, many thanks to PH

And Dagmar helped tremendously/translating and getting me a room in the Zentral Hotel nonetheless....

"I can't help it......I'll be back....."

Short walking distance from the Central Station---Had dinner on the second floor of a Pizza Hut [their choice] which overlooked the entrance to the Central Station .....and watched as the PH mini-van arrived....and they walked across the icy street into the hall

Later when inside, had hoped to see the soundcheck but was asked to leave by one of the stage hands. Not sure why, perhaps too many people talking...[pH said later that they were having problems with the piano,]

Did get to listen and see from an extreme angle outside through the glass windows as they played parts of Lighthouse Keepers and Sleepwalkers and pH sang parts of both-Apparently the only time on this tour for both; Sleepwalkers ahd been played-The concerts have been excellent, but how tremendous it could be!!!

Very nice hall on the 4th or 5th floor of the mall. Similar to a USA High School Auditorium or Lecture Hall

TV Video crew were there for the first 2 or 3 songs

Sat next to Rick in the American section, but talked to someone else in the row who was with his wife. Asked how long he'd been a fan and said he didn't even have any albums, but had heard the Radio Interview a few days ago and that convinced him to go...

pH announced before starting that he had to check some thing behind the grand piano ...not sure what, but a nice version of 'A Better Time' followed...

Exceptional version of 'Tango For One' Introduced as "Don't know where it comes from but I know exactly what it's all about"
After 'Unrehearsed' [an excecellent version as well]... I'm not sure if he always does this, but from my angle tonight, could see his arms better, and he really jerks the right one back hard and fast; almost in anger after hitting a note.... very effective, dramatic, passionate....

After tuning or after one of the guitar songs said "We're playing slightly sharper tone of 4-4-2 as opposed to 4-4-0; as Britians, we are true Europians"

Somewhere in the opening piano set said "Of course being consummate punters of current product, we will play 2 from the record"

Before 'Nothing Comes' "Never know which albums songs are from and I don't care......'

Said something about 'Stockhausen' in German after tuning the guitar--someone will have to translate --schtuul?....

Must have been funny....

update from Andreas.... Darmstadt: while tuning the guitar Hammill said: Stockhausen Stimmung,eh? Karl-Heinz Stockhausen [German composer] Stimmung means tuning (the guitar) apparently with electronic guitar tuner.

Before Nightman: "I think this is from 'THIS' but I might be wrong....."

Incredible version of "Faculty X...very different beginning, seemed to take 3 minutes before the opening beat....great CA CA CA CASTLE....A middle part that I still don't believe...too great, and then sung/spoke 'the wave' at the end about 3 or 4 times....before slowly merging this into an excellent Traintime.....INCREDIBLE!!!!

Still Life....said something in German before the start....
Thanks to Andrea/Hamburg for the translation:

" Thank you for the evening , the next one is called Still Life."

sung.... "Our essence is dissolved......" instead of distilled....this seemed intentional....

kind of urgent singing of "my wife....."

Much applause, before the encore but polite applause, nothing as raucous as in Canada '99....."Thank you so much for the evening...Really good fun for us and I hope for you as well...." then Modern.....