Electric Piano:

A Better Time
Siren Song
Nothing Comes
Tango For One


Shingle Song
Nightman/Like Veronica
Been Alone So Long


Faculty X
Still Life
Traintime [piano]
2nd Encore [guitar]:
Sign [ph breaks a string]

The Quasimodo is located along one huge boulevard in I'm guessing downtown Berlin, in some sort of convention center.

I need a compass next time as well as a watch

Quite a lot of activity, but very cold and not much time to really do anything. I went out in search of film and a large coffee but struck out on both. Ran into Rick from Kansas City walking in the opposite direction who was just recovering from having some sort of Armenian gang step on his glasses, making it hard for him to focus. He was not in a good mood

There was a restaurant at street level above the club where most of the fans drank and kept warm. I went back to the hotel having not slept the previous night and tried to get some rest
The club is one floor below; small club with little headroom
Might even be smaller than the Halle club

Standing room up front with seats and tables to the sides and back, a bar to the right

pH talked more on this one then the others [or at least seemed to me] and despite some sort of problem with the left hand monitor played one of the better sets that I saw- I thought even better than Linz

After A Better Time
"First of all my list, secondly my left hand piano monitor is cutting in and out. At the moment it's completely out.... if after this song we can have an investigation of why that might be no-no-no-no-no-no-no.....after".....in a very fun mood....

A Star Club tech, didn't wait and was on stage during Siren Song trying to fix it-

Afterwards....."Tests the piano...ah! A big danka to Amadeas"....

"I can hear my left hand now which is thankful or you'll hear..." -pounds the keyboard-[ something similar to the middle part of Man-Erg.....

"Something calm now---Nothing Comes..."

"Would now like my left monitor turned down a bit now that I have it back..... give us a second --played a real quick 2 seconds of The Sleepwalkers.... among the keyboard run said to SG "You can join in if you'd like...but oh no don't you point your bow at me.... "

quite great Unrehearsed followed

During the guitar tuning:

"I deliberately tune it low so I can appear competent when I appear on stage--which I'm not going to appear now....-

-which makes sense since he tunes every single time--it would be very easy I would think to tune it before and not worry about it---

Seemed to be enjoing himself/in a very good mood....

problems with his guitar strap--"Now available on the shopping channel, the instant guitar strap"

Then Amnesiac....great every single time!!!! A concert fixture for years I'm certain...too great!!!!

After "I would like a bit more guitar please Paul".....

"Between 'Like Veronica' and 'Been Alone So Long"

"Guys aren't always the bad guy, sometimes they just don't know how to say the right thing-

Did get a line in Patient reversed....singing "when the rage may be the cure"....although I guess the rage could be the cause and cure....who knows....we're all waiting for the doctor.......

After Patient...."at this stage I'm prepared to introduce to you on my left...If he'll only start talking for a minute...the magnificent Stuart Gordon---

no argument there.....HE HAS BEEN GREAT!!!!!!
then Bubble

"bit more piano in both sides please ...."

Faculty X----SG---playing interesting bits jazzing it up----

Fantastic/awesome version of Faculty X--SG's playing in the middle was everything....not just the normal sound [or noodling] on past tours---violin went up/down maybe sideways in complete brilliance!!!!

pH thanked sG- "Once again Stuart. . . fantastic stuff"

"And so we've reached the last of this particular set and we'll go out in an enormous blaze of nostaglia fest, so we're just going to disappear backstage and put on those big flared trousers--

SG laughed/said something I couldn't make out/and pH as well....lots of laughs....

Thanks, danka, a pleasure and a privilege to play for you in Berlin.....

Still Life.....


pH says--- "guitar or piano---SG wanted guitar..." and then Traintime.........

picking a key at a time within the chord---on the opening

Return again for a wild version of 'Sign'

Remember some couple off to the right of the stage that were making out during 'Like Veronica'....might have found a better song

Train the next day to Koln

by TOM from Poland [PH7 List]

After an exhausting night-long journey, I am back home. Both shows were great, especially the one in Berlin. The only thing that made me disappointed, was the behaviour of some of the audience... How one can buy another bottle of beer in the middle of Patient? Chatting and smoking during the songs. Lots of camera flashes, especially during the Dresden show (maybe they thought they were going to a techno party?). Disgusting. Was it always like that during this years' tour?

A few years ago I saw 2 other PH's shows in Poland. There were about 900 people, and you could hear a pin drop. I was struck by the way the duo performed "Like Veronica". Shivers down my spine. Peter's eyes seemed changed during that song. I love the calm version on the CD, but the live one was a real masterpiece.

I have never before heard Stuart live. What he did with his violin during the Berlin show was amazing. A storm of furious sounds (plus the properly used echoes and loops).










the show in "Das Schwarze CafeŽ" which means the black cafeŽ.