Peter Hammill
Stuart Gordon
November 4 2004

My Room (solo) (Piano)
Easy to Slip Away
Nothing Comes
Too Many of My Yesterdays.

Comfortable (Guitar)
Shingle Song
Last Frame.
Time For a Change.

A Better Time
Faculty X!
Stranger Still



Review from Sean (Couch Noise) Travelling from Canada

My Room (solo)

Great version... his improved piano playing is still holding up. After he began to tell the crowd the big news. He was feeling very `flaky`. earlier in the day he felt ill and thought it was his heart again. Swift off to emergency by ambulence he learned it was only stress. Anyhow, we were definitly lucky he was there tonight.. a real scare. He introduced Stuart and also mention Stuart had problems with his Brain. Not the one on his head but the one controling his equipement.

Easy to Slip Away, Nothing Comes followed by Too Many of My Yesterdays. Vision was great, much more solid than the at the QEH. On to the guitar with Comfortable, Shingle Song (acapella start) and Last Frame. Even though he had a scare that day, Peter wasn`t pulling any punches and was `Power On` intensity wise. Opelia (a breather?) and started Patient. He abruptly stopped and appologized `Oh no not yet..` and went a very `theatrical` Time for a Change. As expected he then played Patient. Stuarts playing was superb, and his sound was even better. In it`s peak it was like a thousand airplanes taking off which made it even more chaotic than usual.

Stuart had a hard time keeping up with Peter, not always able to see over his shoulder to keep in time with his ecclectic timing. Bubble, nuff said. Peter then told us that he would be playing any newer songs because of the day he had and went into A Better Time and without a pause he broke into none other than Faculty X! For lack of a better expresion, it rocked! There was even a moment of improve towards the end where you thought he was going into another song, but collected it all with a great finish. Never heard a version like that.

He started the last one for the set, Stranger Still and looked like he was going to burst a lung at the end. Commitment! He came out and said this is the last one then straight to bed. Seemed like he was contemplating which song to play, he chose Traintime. A great concert.. in my humble opinion. One down, three to go.