Here're some notes from Friday's concert in Nurnberg from Alexander [Many THANKS!!]

Started at 7PM

Ph introduced

Ruined church [St-Katharina] as promoted
open air/roof burned off 60 years ago.... church built in the 1600's..stone walls-

sun still out, warm day as the concert started-

Nothing from the new cd 'What, Now'
Most songs that have been played on the last few tours but at times, a wild, rough and furious performance :

Songs Included:

Siren Song/Bubble/Comfortable/Stranger Still Complete set and more from Tomek are HERE

but if you're going Sunday, probably should wait and look later....

Played quickly [about 90 minutes] had to finish before 8:30pm so the stage could be changed for the next performer.

Grand Piano and the red Acoustic Guitar

started one of the guitar songs and a photographer in front was clicking away. PH stopped and said something like, 'do you want me to say cheese'?

ph said very little, but did say he wasn't used to playing in the daylight

Festival Organizer

Most surprising for him was the great interest for the 2 solo- performances of english cult-singer Peter Hammill: "We get tons of emails from all over the world, I've never experienced anything like that before."

Another photo from Friday Bottom Left