24 Oktober 2000
"Tivoli" Utrecht


The Siren Song/
A Better Time/
Nothing Comes/

acoustic guitar:

Been Alone so Long/
Like Veronica/
Last Frame/


Tango for One/
Faculty X/
A Way Out/
Still Life


Shingle Song [guitar]

2nd encore:

Again [vox]

Thanks to Swim and Marga!
More from Jaap K [PH7 List]:

Peter Hammill was happy to play at the Tivoli [Utrecht on 24 October], because he thought the building would be pulled down. A delightful concert again. At the Tivoli it is better not to stand at the back of the hall because of bar noises and people chatting all the time, I remembered from the last time. So standing against the stage it was a great pleasure going through the concert.

The Tivoli wanted to close at 24.00 so there was evidently only time for one encore. While the microphones, amplifiers, etc... were removed and the hall music was turned on the audience kept hand clapping. The stage curtains were closed but the hand clapping still went on. After a couple of minutes Peter Hammill came back and sang an impressing acapella ......"This will never be again".

Indeed, this will never be again. A nice climax of three days of Peter Hammill. And after having signed my copy of "None of The Above" I was a happy man.

From Rene Bos [back in Holland]:

I had mixed feelings about the tour I only managed to see two, and the first -Utrecht- was a real disappointment, even though it was my first PH gig in almost three years.

Even that long time of abstenance (?) of that live-voice couldn't hide for me how poor those new songs were - and at Utrecht the majority of the set was newish stuff. I almost decided I wouldn't go the next day and wondered whether I was still a PHan since most others did seem to like it; but then Hammill started to play some of my old faves and an astonishing a-cappela Again (not the fact that it was a-cappela was astonishing -seen that a dozen times before- but the way he did it; very witty and the crowd (most of them had already left actually- responded great and we all sang the last line aloud together!