From Jim in Glasgow, Scotland:

Absolutely wonderful. On stage at 8.00 and played for two hours and 10 minutes. He looked older and very thin but the voice was as always powerful. Most of the night was on guitar although there was a spell of keyboard accompaniment. Stuart Gordon was with him and he was immense. At times you would have said there was a row of violins playing.

Only two new songs, and a range from through the ages. Earliest was 'On Tuesdays she used to do yoga' which I had never seen him do before. A great hearing throughout the concert and you could have heard the proverbial pin drop all night. Amazing version of 'Still Life' and another first for me, 'Primo' live - dedicated to the way things are in the world right now. Highlight? well maybe my favourite PH song 'Just good friends' or an incredible version of 'Stranger Still'.

Tiny stage and with the lighting it gave a crazy effect at times. As he sat hunched over the keyboard, then threw himself back on his stool, each move was echoed by a twenty foot shadow moving over the back wall carvings and pulpit. The effect was like a Gollum dancing to PH music.

Bought the new cd (hadn't quite got round to it before) and talked my way into meeting him at the end. Full of praise for the crowd and the city. Seems to have had a good day today. Spent a couple of minutes talking then having had the cover autographed, I left them as they were desperate to have a cigarette.


And from Crawford in Paisley, Scotland

just back from PH at the Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland; wonderful. first concert in scotland for 12 years.

cottier theatre-converted church just right for peter hammill

set list:


shingle(acapella start)
like veronica
the habit of the broken heart
on tuesday's....
bareknuckle trade(excellent)


easy to slip away(stunning)
just good friends
a better time(wonderful)
stranger still(magnificent)


primo on the parapet


still life(the highlight of the show)

all in all a wonderful concert with stuart gordon excelling-one violin sounding like a whole **** orchestra

only gripe only one hour and three quarters long
but what the...

after 12 years just happy to see him still as enthusiastic and committed as ever



And from Marga, (Thanks)


Just returned from a wonderful, freezing weekend in Sunny Scotland. "The March" was _very_ impressive, and so were the kind Glaswegian people, the Cathedral - inside and out-, the Necropolis, the Kelvingrove museum (even though their Van Gogh collection appeared to have been moved to Pittsburg!), Foucalt's Pendulum, the river Clyde and its bridges, the Glasgow 'Underground', ... and Peter and Stuart!

Setlist for the Cottier was:

On guitars:

1 Comfortable
2 Shingle Song
3 Like Veronica
4 The Habit op the Broken Heart
5 On Tuesdays she used to do Yoga
6 Bareknuckle Trade

"Keyboards are turned on" (no, _not_ the church-organ)

7 Easy to slip away
8 Just Good Friends
9 A Better Time
10 Bubble
11 Stranger Still


"A little bit of checking because I suspect this guitar has been hammered in the first half."

12 Driven
"We're rushing towards conclusion now, and therefore I want to say I'm so really really really happy to be here.."


"I hope to come back sooner than 15 or 20 years... God willing and what have you. Apart from playing here it is a pleasure to be here just as a human being."

"I guess that most of my songs are serious in one way or another. And I've been thinking about this stuff that happens when stuff gets serious, so one particular one I've decided to play tonight in memory of all your aching feet.... 'cos I expect there are a few aching feet here...:

Audience: "Yes indeed!" ( and a few _cold_ feet by the way )

13 Primo on the Parapet
14 Patient

Encore: (Stuart's choice)


15 Still Life

Great chilly church acoustics, great performances... some rediscovered songs, and some rediscovered fans there: Ian and Fred! Lovely to meet up with everyone and have an aftershow pint of that Scottisch brew.

And now it's 'sobering up' and back to work tomorrow. :(


Thanks to both Jim, Crawford, anf Marga others are welcome.