peter hammill. stuart gordon

Brief report on the concert in Tivoli Utrecht:

PH and Sg were doing a complete acoustic set. Pointing to his latest work. The concert started at 9.05 in stead of 8.30 due to technical problems (described by PH as leaves on the line)

PH and SG were in a very good mood.


The Comet, The course,the tail
If i could

After these three PH spoke his first words of the tour. He referred to the words dangerous by just playing acoustic. He had songs written on sheets, but he had to admit that without glasses he could bearly read the words. He mentioned that it was the problem with old performers.

Crossed wires
Just a child
Like Veronica
Shingle song (with acappela start)

Guitar change

What's it worth (PH mentioned performing this song for the first time in 20 years)
Habit of the broken heart
(on Tuesday she used to do) Yoga
Bareknuckle trade

Guitar change

Time for a change
Last Frame



In all again a remarkable concert. Caused by excellent performing, an acoustic driven set and some world premieres.

That's all folks

Be back soon



And from Leo:

Indeed two guitars on stage and no keyboard. No calm beginning, PH sat on a small chair, left ankle on right knee, red acoustic guitar and started with "Comfortable".

And then "The comet, the course", followed by "If I could".

Now he welcomed the audience and warned us that the evening and the songs had an amount of danger in them. "So forgive us if we stray, but we do so with open hearts".The rest of the evening I lost the right order of songs but he played:

Crossed wires
Shingle song

Somewhere changed to the other large acoustic brown guitar with scratches below the strings, lots of tuning and tuning jokes.

What's it worth
Last frame
Habit of the broken heart.

Made jokes about having sheets with lyrics in front of him, but hardly couldn't read it without glasses. "We are talking about problems of the ageing artist, aren't we."

Just a child
Like Veronica.

Both chilling.

Time for a change
Announced as a true story.
Bareknuckle trade. Announced as a world premiere.

And ended with:




Great loud concert with much anger and guitar hammering.