News fom Berlin! (Thanks René and Sascha)

Quasimodo, Berlin
Friday Jan 24th 2003

From René:

Here is the set list of another great concert in Quasimodo Berlin:

first impression: a grand piano on the stage, concert starts at 10.25, about 300 people

acoustic guitar

Once You Called Me
Slender Threads ("this is a rediscovered song")
Ship of Fools ("world premiere in this formation")
Bareknuckle Trade


PH annnounces "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart), plays one note "take a guess", then a second one... people shouting songs (myself requesting "Flight")... PH starts to play some funny stuff... then seriously:

Easy to Slip Away
A Better Time
A Way Out (excellent)

Red Acoustic guitar

Like Veronica (very quiet start, great version)
Modern (new great beginning)



Still Life
Again (Acapella)

PH in a good mood, a lot of interaction with the audience, joking a lot (about Stuarts shirt), great voice, excellent sound and an enthusiastic audience (nobody left during the concert!)... go to see the other shows, if you can!


And From Sascha:

PH and SG were in very good mood. PH was much more talkative than 2 days ago when he didn´t really say very much. He made some jokes about Stuarts orange T-shirt. And once again Peter said he was getting old.

When he sang "You are gone" on "Again" he made a gesture that you make if you want someone to leave ... Really a few laughs during this concert.

here´s the setlist:


Once you Called Me
Slender Threads (finally i´ve heard this one live; strange thing to hear those classics live; can we hope for German overalls next time?)
Ship of Fools (he announced it as a world premiere in this line-up); it took me a moment to recognise it for who would have expected that song?
Just great to hear it on acoustic guitar; very well done (this time you could also understand the lyrics which were sung quite clearly (not as in 1978)
Bareknuckle Trade (as a live song i´m starting to like it (still not the middle section)


Easy to Slip Away (he started by playing just the note "e" and asked the audience to guess the song.

to be honest my assumption was really that it would be "Easy to Slip Away", but i didn´t shout it out loud, so no extra prize for me
A Better Time
A Way Out


Like Veronica (all these were as usual I´d say I suppose I´ve heard enough of them. Especially Bubble and 'Way Out' start to bore me; good performance but we´ve had them so many many many times)
Driven (beautiful as 2 days before)
Modern (very good powerful guitar work here (except for the more complicated parts in the middle section; but the finale was furious!!!)


Still Life

(as good as always; still life is always a magic moment in PH concerts. And this one was no exception. The devoted followers listened to the man singing his sermon)

Again (just the voice) a more funny version of this song, but as he started it I heard someone in the audience say "Nothing new here" So maybe it´s time for PH to find a new acapella song. Any suggestions? What about "Song for fallen blossoms?"

(just kidding)

Bye for now


Sorry to hear that an audience member would shout something so rude at the start of "Again" maybe it was more in fun...(I hope), especially after such a great concert!! Anything would have been fine.

and so nice to see some of these 'rarely' played songs being pulled out! How great! What lucky people!