Thanks to Andreas, Sascha and Gerhard for the set list

Fabrik, Hamburg January 22, 2003

Ovation guitar:

Crossed Wires
If I Could
Like Veronica

Brown guitar:

The Habit Of The Broken Heart
( On Tuesday She Used To Do ) Yoga
Bareknuckle Trade

Grand Piano:

The Siren Song
Nothing Comes
A Better Time
Faculty X
Stranger Still

Red guitar:


Encore on Grand Piano:


And a few comments from Sascha!

Crossed Wires
If I Could
Like Veronica

Habit of the Broken Heart (very good; with this song the concert got going);
Yoga (never thought I would ever hear this one live; chilling)
Bareknuckle Trade
Siren Song (as usual)
Nothing Comes

A Better Time (one of the better version i know; second highlight of the concert)
Faculty X (also very good; PH and SG had become louder and more energetic by now)
Stranger still (not too spectacular; always a nice song)

Comfortable (very energetic and loud as always. simply a good song)
Driven (my favourite one from this concert; I simply love this song and listening to it live for the first time was really moving.


Vision (sadly just one encore; as there was a grand piano i had hoped for refugees instead.