From Otto
Monday Jan 20, 2002
Peter Hammill with Stuart Gordon at Oosterport

Groningen Netherlands

Here a brief comment on the Groningen concert. Attached is a copy of the original setlist which was used by Stuart Gordon

PH and SG were playing in a different enviroment than the two nights before. A theatre. He has played here many times before.

As a surprise there was a grand piano on stage.

Ph started off with Guitar(red)

The Comet, the course, the tail

The he started off with acapella "Again", but after a few lines he stopped saying that it was not his intention to do this song and that it was a mistake.

Single song (acapella start)
Just a child

Before he began the next song he mentioned that he had intended this next song for yesterday, but that he didn't do it because he was afraid that he didn't knew all the lines

Something's about Ysabel Dance.

Grand Piano

Easy to Slip Away
Just Good Friends
A Better Time
A Way Out

Changed to guitar(brown)

Slender Threads
Habit of the Broken Heart
(on tuesday she used to do ) Yoga
Bareknucle Trade



Well thats all folks I am passing the pen to Germany. I hope someone keeps us up to date. A remarkable three days. With excellent performance of PH,(true as always)

The best to you all


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