The Rovereto show (just another 280 + 280 Km driving) on monday May 10 ha= s been still better, with PH in splendid health and an audience extremely= careful and silent.

Even some children ( well, we must educate them to the good music since s= mall).

I think my sons (13,9,4 aged) are still non prepared for a PH show and I prefer to put into effetc a better training: actually they are in the goo d dircetion, but some step behind, enjoing for now Peter Gabriel.

My wife is a more deprived of hope case: although during our wedding in 1 984 the background music in church was Refugees, and for year I kee p on earing and speaking her about PH and Vdgg, she still belongs to the crowded partners club not loving (or may be hating) PH (sigh).

Rovereto set list has already been posted. My best moments: Modern, My ro om. Hammill had more chatting between songs (just a little anyway). When he return on stage for the encore, at the only first scream form the audi ence asking for Refugees or A way out, PH stopped and in a nearly thre atening way said =No, =E8 gi=E0 deciso=94 (No, it's already decided), just starting Patient. After Patient it seem there would be another song : PH standing on the stage for some seconds before deciding to stop and g o away.

Viewing other set list posted by Koen (Milano and Bolzano) I displeasure the absence of Slip away, Birds, Vision (Hy, I='m really a first generat ion lover).

General impressions:

1.40 hours / 2 hours of Hammill solo show is like a blind flyght. He transport you where you don=92t know. Many of the songs are on-line reinvente d, conserving the only chord=92s basic armonic gig. You find yourself wit h the time blown away, disappointed, just like every wonderful thinks, fo r the ending.=20

PH is a =93normal instrument player=94 but a fantastic singer, a genius i n music creation, a fantistic emotional interpreter in live performing. So: how many other artist may play, rasping with violence the guitar stri= ngs, no more than one or two chord, for 1 minute without boring ?

Bye Bye

Ugo Mazzetti


From Koen B

10 May Zandonai Theatre, Rovereto, Italy

ROVERETO, Zandonai theatre

well, enter the first best (rather cheapish) hotel in town wearing a "Loops & Reels" t-shirt without any other PH monograms or references, and ask a woman of about 60 behind the counter if there are any rooms available and first thing she sais is " i like PEETR EMMILLE too !"

husband alert, same age oh yes, are son is a good friend of mr EMMILLE (this son then seemed to be a guy from the group TNR, also playing on the VdGG tribute CD, and having made some recording with David Lord in Bath, and with SG helping out)

puzzled look in our eyes and we are shown several photographs of the PH family sitting together with themselves,

PH eating a nice chocolate cake garnished with the PH monogram in cream ...

and no, PH was NOT staying there that night, they had no room for him that night ...

though there would be a midnight PH meal, as a reason of which the front door of the hotle would be closed and we would have to use the back door if we wanted a room at their place

so far for: this meeting is a coincidence zandonai theatre: very nice theatre, a bit old, and needing some restauration, and, as the hotel owner nicely said: " a bit too big for mr EMMILLE ... on a monday "

i'm afraid on a tuesay, wednesday etc as well... i have to add

a very very very nice set again, PH seems to love this place as well

my room
the unconscious life

if i could
time for a change

siren song
faculty x
stranger still


and a very very quiet audience again
what were those rumours of the wild tifosi about then ???

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