From Koen B

9 May Carambolage, Bolzano, Italy
BOLZANO, carambolage

mmmmmmm, surprise of the tour,
and i think for PH as well,
VERY nice setting
(dolomites again!)
and the club was, well, SOLD OUT !
well OK, there was only place for 100 persons,
but nevertheless ...

a completely blue cellarish room,
with a nice arc dividing the audience room from the stage,
the audience all nicely seated at tables
strewn randomly around the place,
randomly as well: some old cinema seats ...

and a very very very nice staff !
even though there were glasses and bottles all around
you couldn't hear A DISTURBING NOISE during the set !!!
as a kind of reward we were treated with a nice Still Life version
afterwards all in all, one of the better gigs i've ever heard

siren song

>too many of yesterdays
nothing comes
shingle song
come clean
the birds

easy to slip away
since the kids
a way out

still life

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