Peter Hammill solo
May 7, 1999

7 May 1999

Show begun at 22.45, about 150 attendants; PH alone with keyboard and aco ustic guitar.

I enjoyed the show like a man starved after 25 years of fast. Like me many other attendants, while a small damned crowd keep on disturb ing, expecially during the second half, chatting in high voice.

Here's the 1.40 hour set list:

Siren song
Unconscious life
Just good friend
Nothing comes

(acoustic guitar)

Night man

Time For A Change

Faculty X
A Way Out
Stranger Still


In my opinion the high moments were: Unconscious life, Comet

After the show, in means of vampires, just a little chat with the man, th at seemed to me extremely kind, reserved, almost timid.
I've reccomended him the use of Internet, that may be a fantastic way to comunicate (gigs, letters,..). He (and his manager) said that a web proj ect is in progress.

I also told him that i would have expected the presence of Refugees and Sitting Target in the set list, two titles unfortunately much current in these war days. I've not exactly understood his answer, that anyway sounded like: Hey, you are right, I have not thought Then some little sentence in Italian language, just discovering his italian is better than my English.