P. denticulata eating fruit. Photo by Frank Magallanes, OPEFEWELCOME TO OPEFE ARCHIVES


Pygopristis denticulata

This photo taken from a TV Special on Piranhas


The seed mix used in this experiment was the same type products also fed to Pygocentrus nattereri seed-feeding experiment






It is one of the few pirambebas I have been able to raise successfully with silver dollars and pacus

Seeds are introduced into the aquarium. Photo by Frank Magallanes, OPEFE

Feeding off seeds from the surface. Photo by Frank Magallanes, OPEFE

Feeding on caught seed. Photo by Frank Magallanes, OPEFE

Mouthing the seed with teeth before eating it. Photo by Frank Magallanes

Removing husk from seed. Photo by Frank Magallanes, OPEFE



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