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Disaster Mental Health Related Links

Annotated Disaster Mental Health Links On this page you will find links to various Disaster Mental Health resources as well as links to online articles and reference lists of published articles in various areas of Disaster Mental Health, CISD, PTSD, and other related areas. New information is added on a regular basis. TRAUMATOLOGY-e This site is the International Electronic Journal of innovations in the study of the traumatization process and methods for reducing or eliminating human suffering. Online articles on Traumatology and Disaster Mental Health. Professor Charles Figley is the Editor. Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies - Conference Program Third World Conference for the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies "The Long-Term Outcomes of Trauma in Individuals and Society" March 16-19, 2000 Carlton Crest Melbourne, Australia The Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies is a forum for extending the understanding of prevention and treatment of major stress and trauma within the Australasian region. Puppeteering For Mental Health A Guidebook available to help state officials and mental health administrators establish a disaster recovery program for individuals, families, and communities. Links to other sites and further related information. State of Missouri Disaster Services Home Page Links to information about services, calendar, publications, and Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Services Training. Disaster Mental Health Forum - Subscribe at You can mail a request for an "info" file to the server address. Put this single line in the mail message: info DISASTER You can get a general "help" file from that server by mailing this single line: help to the same server address. This should also give you instructions on how to join (or leave) the group. Disaster Recovery Forum - Subscribe at You can mail a request for an "info" file to the server address. Put this single line in the mail message: info disaster-recovery You can get a general "help" file from the server by mailing this single line: help to the same server address. This should also give you instructions on how to join (or leave) the group. Hazards Forum - Subscribe at You can mail a request for an "info" file to the server address. Put this single line in the mail message: info hazards You can get a general "help" file from that server by mailing this single line: help to the same server address. This should also give you instructions on how to join (or leave) the group. The Cochrane Library The Cochrane Library is an electronic publication designed to supply high quality evidence to inform people providing and receiving care, and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels. It is published quarterly on CD-ROM and the Internet, and is distributed on a subscription basis. The Abstracts of Cochrane Reviews are available without charge and can be searched. Mental Health Annotated Link Page This page is an index page. It provides an annotated list of references and resources in the areas of Counseling, Mental Health, Therapy, EAP, Disaster Mental Health, Stress Management, and related areas. National Center for PTSD Research and Education on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. The National Center for PTSD is a program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and carries out a broad range of activities in research, training, and public information. PILOTS Database Interdisciplinary index to the worldwide literature on PTSD and traumatic stress. Disaster Mental Health services - A Guidebook for Clinicians and Administrators Produced by the Department of Social Work - Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Health Canada's Emergency Services Division's Disaster Mental Health Manual entitled Personal Services: Psychosocial Planning for Disasters. Click on the Personal Services panel. Acrobat. Rocky Mountain Disaster Mental Health Newsletter Disaster Mental Health programs are being developed at the national, state, and local levels. Extensive networking is being conducted with professional associations to inform their membership about Disaster Mental Health and opportunities for involvement. This newsletter is intended for Disaster Mental Health and other Mental Health professionals. It will provide both research and clinical articles in an attempt to keep all informed on the latest information and the current state of Disaster Mental Health. It will also provide information about training and educational activities as well as opportunities for involvement. Networking is an important activity which will be strongly encouraged. Input and relevant articles of interest are solicited and encouraged. The newsletter is published online and made available for downloading and printing. NC-PTSD Research QuarterlyThe NC-PTSD Research Quarterly recently published an issue reviewing research on EMDR as a treatment for PTSD written by Richard J. McNally, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Harvard University. The issue includes McNally's summary and selected abstracts from more than 20 studies. In addition, there is a brief article overviewing the role of control groups in psychotherapy research. This issue is available on the NC-PTSD webpage and can be downloaded (PDF). International Critical Incident Stress Foundation The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to stress prevention, education and support services for emergency services professions, organizations and individuals with the purpose of mitigating the impact of Critical Incident Stress (Traumatic Stress). USGS Geologic Information - Major earthquake notification services. A notification service. You will receive messages when earthquakes occur that have a magnitude of 5.0 or more in the conyinental US, Alaska and Hawaii, and 6.0 or more anywhere in the world. Recent Earthquakes in Southern California Other Maps EDIS (Emergency Digital Information Service) - Governor's Office of Emergency Services California Emergencies The information on this system comes directly from emergency management and public safety agencies. Recent Earthquakes in California Maps and data sources. Nevada seismological Laboratory The Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno investigates earthquakes and their effects in Nevada and eastern California. NSL faculty perform seismic research worldwide. Current Seismicity for the United States Links to information about earthquakes and seismic activity throughout the United States. TriNet SHAKE MAP Home Page Choose a map of interest for the most recent earthquake or choose a "Database to view past events. International Council of Scientific Unions - World Data System USGS Geologic Hazards Links to information about Geomagnetism; Earthquakes; Landslides; Interactive Maps. Western Region Geologic Information Server This site provides access to many USGS earth science web pages for the Western United States. It also serves as the release site for many on-line geologic publications of the Western U.S. Follow the links below for earth science topics, data available, and general information. Central Region Geologic Information The Geological Division of the U.S. Geological Survey conducts research on a broad range of disciplines that include such topics as geophysics, geochronology, earthquakes, landslide hazards, geochemistry, geologic mapping, climate change, oil and gas assessment, environmental monitoring and remediation, coal resource assessment, paleontology, and ecosystem analysis. Geologic Information About the Eastern Region "Geologic Information about the Eastern Region" highlights information on the geologic research and programs for the 26 States east of the Mississippi River, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Geologic Hazards Links Links to information about Geology and to Disaster Prevention & Management Journal (Volume 7, Issue 1). Geologic Hazards Images Look at some great hazard images (earthquake damage, debris flows, landslides, and auroras)! There are 99 great hazards images in the slide show. The images are from the Geologic Hazards team and from a CD-ROM by Michael Rymer of the USGS. The images are approximately 400 X 400 pixels. The file sizes range from 30K to 130K. The slide show is offered in HTML . Volcanoes Links to information about volcanoes and volcanic activity.

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