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Conference Papers And Psychosocial Services Books

Conference Papers and Handouts

If anyone would like to order a complete set of the papers and handouts from the Rocky Mountain Disaster Mental Health Conference, you can do so by sending $25 to the address below. The papers and handouts are a little over 200 pages total. If you only want certain ones, please contact me first.

George W. Doherty P.O. Box 786 Laramie, WY 82073-0786


Complete Set of Conference Papers & Handouts $25 postage included

Psychosocial Services Books and Manuals

(from Claude Martel's Presentation)

The following are the titles of the booklets, manual and pamphlets that were provided by Claude Martel. They can be reproduced as long as credit is given to where they came from. In order to reproduce them in as economical a way as possible, I will wait for at least five requests for copies of each segment. The full set contains over 700 pages. It is very good material and could lend itself easily to local, state or other adaptations. It is also a very good training and teaching resource. I have tried to break down the costs on a segment by segment basis as much as possible. I have based the cost of reproduction on a $.05 per page, but it might exceed that. The other is the cost of mailing, etc. If you want it sent other than book rate, please enclose the difference. I will try to get a bulk rate for the reproducing, so the more orders I receive before I reproduce it the better my chances to keep costs down. After the first run, I will have a little better idea, but the costs below are very close from all that I have been able to find out.

"Psychosocial Services Provided By C.L.S.C.s In The Context of Emergency Measures" 73 Pages $7.50 postage included Information Pamphlets 16 Pages $3.00 postage included "The Sociosanitary Intervention In A Emergency Measures Situation" Participants Course Book on Psychosocial Services 244 Pages $18.70 postage included The "Knowledge" Component Kit - 5 parts 162 Pages $14.75 postage included The Activity Aids Component Kit - 6 parts 228 Pages $18.50 postage included

The Complete Set: $55.00 postage included

To order any or all of the above, please send a check, money order or cash (if you trust the mailman) to me, as I will be footing the bills for the reproduction costs. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to accept credit cards at this time. It will likely take about two weeks from the time I receive your order before I send it as I need to have at least five orders together before I ask to have them reproduced. Please make check or Money Order out to: George W. Doherty. The mailing address for this is: P.O. Box 786 Laramie, WY 82073-0786.
There is no profit to this. It is just reimbursement for the costs of reproducing and mailing.

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