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Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference

Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference Proceedings

February 11-14, 1999

Laramie, Wyoming


George W. Doherty Conference Chair

Española Versión-Spanish Version The following pages contain an overview of the contents of the 1999 Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference. The Conference took place at the School of Extended Studies on the campus of the University of Wyoming from February 11-14, 1999. Well over 180 attendees took part from 21 states, Washington, D.C., and four foreign countries. The Conference Proceedings are broken down by day. Each day of the Conference had a different general focus. The Proceedings for each day can be accessed through the links listed below. If you wish to make comments about or discuss the content of any of the presentations, there is a place at the end of each presentation summary where you can send an email message with your comments. These will be posted in the area following the presentation summary you are commenting on for others to read. There are links for further information about each presenter. All links appear in dark blue within the text. For those presenters who have provided a list of references, there are links to those references following the summaries of each presentation. There is also a "Link Page". On this page, you will find links to various Disaster Mental Health Resources provided by presenters and other attendees at the Conference. It will be updated as more information is forwarded. Email addresses are provided for each of the presenters who have provided them. These will be found next to their names above the summaries for their presentations. You can click on them and send a message to them directly. For those who wish to receive copies of the handouts for the Conference presentations, these can be ordered by paying for the costs of reproduction plus the cost of postage and handling. There is a link below for further information about how you can do this. At the bottom of this page, there is a section where you can submit general comments and discussion about the conference. Please feel free to comment on the usefulness, need and recommendations for continuation and future conferences. The results of the Conference Evaluations are available. Please take a few moments to complete the Post-Conference Survey. This is important as it will provide information about the efficacy of having this conference continue in the future as well as input about other Disaster Mental Health related Educational, Training and Research ideas. Please visit the Disaster Video Documentary Store It contains links to a number of Disaster-related Documentary videos which you can purchase online. These could serve as educational tools as well as documenting historical disasters. A percentage commission helps support the Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference. Finally, below the Comments and Discussion section is a Search Engine where you can search for disaster-related or any other books by title, subject, or author. You can order them online through By ordering and purchasing them here online, you also support the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference as 5-10% commission on all sales through this site are sent here. Please also visit the Disaster Mental Health and the Traumatology Bookstores to review some suggested titles.

DAY 1 Debriefing/Defusing, Mass Casualty And Airline Disasters

Psychological Debriefing and Evidence-based Practice The Poetry of Recovery Bridging The Gap - The Crisis Response Network Acute Psychological Intervention Following Traumatic Stressors: Empirical Findings Mass Casualty and Airline Disasters

DAY 2 Terrorism, Disaster Mental Health And PTSD

Terrorism and Disaster Mental Health Surviving Disaster: What We Can Learn From Elderly Civilians' Surprisingly Successful Coping With Missile Attack Mowrer's Two Factor Model: Applications To Disaster Mental Health Services PTSD and Chronic Suicidal Ideation Mental Health Intervention In Mass Casualty Disasters

DAY 3 Children And Families In Disasters

Children's Reactions To Disasters: Lessons Learned From Andrew and Other Disasters NIMH Residential Fire Study: Case Study Examinations of the Psychological Effects of Fire on Children/Adolescents and Their Parents PTSD IN Head Start Children After Exposure To Hurricane Andrew School-based Disaster Mental Health Services in the Laguna Beach Firestorm Children and Trauma: Lessons From The Oklahoma City Bombing

DAY 4 Disaster Mental Health Program Approaches And Treatment

Collaborating To Increase Effectiveness Emergency Measures Psychosocial Intervention In Quebec Follow-up Counseling After Disaster: Working With Traumatic Dreams Toward Healing

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