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George W. Doherty<B> <P> RESUME</b>

George W. Doherty



  • The Pennsylvania State University - B.S. 1964

  • Mississippi State University - M.S. 1977


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Adjunct Faculty

Kennedy-Western University
Cheyenne, WY



Rocky Mountain Region
Disaster Mental Health Institute
Laramie, WY.

Provide Training, Consultation, Workshops, Conferences for Continuing Education and other credit to mental health professionals, first responders and others in the areas of Disaster Mental Health, Traumatology, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) and related topic areas.

January 2002 to Present


Snowy Range A.S.I.S.T. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team

July 2001

Adjunct Instructor

University of Wyoming
Department of Counselor Education

Taught Graduate Course on "Crisis Intervention in Disasters for Disaster Workers".

June 2001

Disaster Mental Health Specialist

Tropical Storm Allison in Houston, TX. Served as Disaster Mental Health Specialist at Atascocita Middle School Shelter following floods in Houston from Tropical Storm Allison.


Conference Chair

Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference
Laramie, WY

Planned conference, contacted all presenters, organized conference and information, coordinated supporters, presided at conference, developed and maintained conference website, developed and maintain Conference Proceedings.


Disaster Mental Health Coordinator

Coordinated Disaster Mental Health activities for the Western Region of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez for the aftermath of Hurricane Georges. 25 days working on site. Provided supervision, defusings, debriefings, etc. Taught disaster mental health course to a group of 44 Mental Health Professionals (Psychologists, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Social Workers) from Puerto Rico at the University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Met with Mayors, worked with stress reduction with other functions, worked with local disaster and local mental health volunteers, worked with mental health needs of staff and victims/clients. Supervised Disaster Mental Health Staff.

1985 - Present

O'Dochartaigh Associates:

Private Counseling Practice and Consulting

Provided counseling and professional consultation services in rural communities in Colorado and Wyoming since 1985:

Provided supervision, testing and counseling services to a mental health center in Alamosa, CO for two years (1987-88). Supervised two clinicians.

Provided testing and counseling services for an agency in Casper, WY in 1989.

Provided testing services to Wyoming State Training School in 1990.

Currently a CHAMPUS (Tri-Care) Mental Health Provider, Provider with Vasquez Management Consultants (an EAP serving Postal workers), and Mines Associates. Provide workshops in stress management and other topics for business/industry and other groups; counseling, assessment and consultation for individuals, families, couples, industry, etc. Provide Disaster Mental Health and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Services.


Disaster Mental Health Specialist:

Provided Mental Health Services for victims and staff on-site for Hurricane Fran in Hampstead, Burgaw and Wilmington, NC (1996);

Cincinnati Floods in Falmouth, KY (1997)

Served as Disaster Mental Health Supervisor for Northern Colorado Flash Floods in Fort Collins, CO (1997).


Psychologist III (Masters Level)

Rural Clinics
Community Counseling Center
Ely/Carson City, NV

Provided testing, assessment, emergency services, counseling/therapy within a 3 county area of eastern Nevada. Provided consultation and training to nurses, physicians, 2 hospitals, law enforcement, vocational rehabilitation, teachers, courts, social services, and others. Provided services to Viet Nam Veterans through a special program with VA. Traveled an average of 500 miles each week providing consultation and psychological services to smaller communities in a 3 county area. Supervised a Native American Clinician. Provided Psychological Evaluations and Testing for all of the above agencies and for Veterans through VA program. Tests used included: MMPI, MCMI, MAPI, WAIS-R, WISC-R, Stanford-Binet, STAI, BDI, JVIS, KeyMath, WRAT, Stress Inventories, PIAT, PPVT, Vineland, 16PF, others. Statistics: Inferential, Multivariate Analysis, etc. June, 1980 - October, 1985.


Adjunct Instructor

Northern Nevada Community College
Ely/Elko, NV

Taught Psychology and Human Growth and Development Courses to LPN students and others. Also provided In-service and Continuing Education courses for nurses and teachers in areas including Depression, Anxiety, Relaxation Training, Communication Skills, Cross-cultural Counseling, Parenting Skills, Stress Management, etc. September, 1980 - June, 1985

Employment background prior to 1980:

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1966 - Completed United States Air Force Instructor Training School.

1969-1972 - Graduate course work in Experimental and Research Psychology at Baylor University.

1977-1979 - Graduate course work in Counseling Psychology and Research Methods and Statistics (Inferential and Multivariate) at North Texas State University.

1991 - Completed Squadron Officer School through ECI - Air University.

1996 - Completed Air Command and Staff College through ECI - Air University.

1980- present - Numerous Continuing Education courses and workshops. List/transcript available upon request.

Feb 9,10, 1999 - Basic CISM Training International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Nov 17, 2001 -Advanced CISM Training - CISM Workshop - Presenter: Bryce Lefevre, PhD, ABPP, CDR, US Navy - Laramie, WY ________________________________________________________


Doherty, G.W. (2005, June 1). The environmental crisis, globalization, and the changing culture [Review of the book Rethinking Freire: Globalization and the environmental crisis]. PsycCRITIQUES Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 50 (No. 22), Article 3. Retrieved June 5, 2005, from the PsycCRITIQUES database.

Doherty, G.W. (2005, March 16). Mental health and the new technologies [Review of the book The mental health professional and the new technologies]. PschCRITIQUES Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 50 (No. 11), Article 6. Retrieved March 20, 2005, from the PsychCRITIQUES database.

Doherty, G.W. (2004). Crises in rural America: Critical incidents, trauma and disasters. Traumatology-e Volume 10, No. 3.

Doherty, G. W. (2003). Review: American Hazardscapes. Population and Environmental Psychology Bulletin Volume 29, No. 1 (Winter).

Doherty, G. W. (2001). Crisis Intervention Training For Disaster Workers. Graduate course materials: Taught at Counselor Education Department, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Doherty, G.W. (2003). The trauma of cultural diversity. Publication Pending: Australia

Doherty, G.W. (2001). A review of: Problems and issues of diversity in the United States. Population & Environmental Psychology Bulletin, Volume 27, No. 1 (Winter).

Doherty, G.W. (1999). Cross-cultural counseling in disaster settings. Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, Volume 1999-2. Retrieved 9/9/99.

Doherty, G.W. (1999). Towards the next millennium: Disaster mental health - Learning from the past and planning for the future. Traumatology-e, Volume 5, No. 2, Retrieved 6/1/99.

Doherty, G.W. (1999). From the field: A sample of disaster mental health services for Hurricane Georges in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Traumatology-e, Volume 5, No. 1, Retrieved 2/1/99.

Doherty, G.W. (Oct 1988). Crisis Intervention and Disaster Mental Health. Workshop presented to the Wyoming Counseling Association 1998 Fall Conference.

Doherty, G.W. (Mar 1996). Crew compatibility, decisions and responses. Wyoming Wings.

Doherty, G.W. (Nov 1995). Crew fatigue and rest. Wyoming Wings.

Doherty, G.W. (Jul 1995). Delayed Stress: Does it affect CAP? Wyoming Wings.

Doherty, G.W. (Apr 1995). Stress management: What to do about it. Wyoming Wings.

Doherty, G.W. (Nov 1994). Stress management: Part II. Wyoming Wings.

Doherty, G.W. (Jun 1994). Stress management: Part I. Wyoming Wings.

Doherty, G.W. (1988). Use of the MCMI to identify client characteristics in a rural mental health center. Results of research study presented to national meeting of rural community psychologists and mental health workers in Billings, MT.

Doherty, G.W. (1986). Stress in the workplace. Presentation made to Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Doherty, G.W. (1984). Mental health in a rural area: A program description. Journal of Rural Community Psychology.

Doherty, G.W. (Spr 1984). Stress and anxiety in a rural area of the western United States. Internationally Speaking.

Doherty, G.W. (1984). Symposium on Rural Community Psychology. Chairman and Co-presenter, Annual Meeting of Western Psychological Association in Los Angeles, CA.

Doherty, G.W. (1983). Use and interpretation of MMPI and MCMI using computer interpreted scoring and reports. Presentation to Rural Clinic Psychologists in Carson City, NV.

Doherty. G.W. (1981). Research on rural stress in western United States. Presentation to Annual Meeting of American Personnel and Guidance Association in Washington, D.C.

McGlynn, F.D., Kinjo, K. and Doherty, G. (1978). Effects of cue-controlled relaxation, a placebo treatment and no treatment on changes in self-reported test anxiety among college students. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 34(3) 707-714.

Doherty, G.W. (1977). Student self-concept and teacher perception of student self-concept. Unpublished Master of Science Thesis, Mississippi State University.

Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Newsletter

Additional Presentations

Other Unpublished articles available online _______________________________________________________


Guest Editor, Special Issue - Traumatology. Topic: Crises In Rural America, 2004.

Adjunct Faculty Member - Kennedy-Western University.

Chair - Snowy Range A.S.I.S.T. Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team (A subcommittee of the Mental Health Task Force Well Aware)

Editor - Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Newsletter
1998 - present.

Guest Editor, Special Issue - Traumatology. Topic: Disaster Mental Health 1999.

Conference Chair - Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference. 1998-1999.

Associate Member - American Psychological Association

Alumni Admissions Volunteer - Pennsylvania State University Alumni Admissions Program. 1987 - present.

Research Advisor - American Biographical Institute Research Association. 1983 - present.

Research Fellow - American Biographical Institute. 1996 - present.

Co-chair, Ethics Committee - Blue Peaks Developmental Center, Alamosa, CO. 1988.

Member - Rio Grande County, CO Child Protection Team. 1987-1988.

National Chairman - Task Force and Interest Group on Community Counseling (Association for Counselor Education and Supervision). 1984-1985.

Reviewer - Program Proposals for Symposiums and Poster Sessions for the 1991 Annual Meeting of Division 27 of APA.

Provided Pro Bono Counseling for families of military personnel stationed in the Persian Gulf - 1990-1992.

Member - Civil Air Patrol. 1987-1998.



Arnold Air Society - 1962
John Henry Cardinal Newman National Honor Society - 1964
Psi Chi - 1971
Commemorative Medal of Honor, ABI - 1995 and 1993
Research Fellow - American Biographical Institute
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ADDRESS: P.O. Box 786
Laramie, WY 82073-0786

Pager: 307-745-1372


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George W. Doherty
Rocky Mountain Region
Disaster Mental Health Institute
Box 786
Laramie, WY 82073-0786