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This page is an index page. It provides an annotated list of reference links in the areas of Counseling, Mental Health, Therapy, EAP, Disaster Mental Health, Stress Management and related areas.
Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference Proceedings
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Gulf War Syndrome Introduction; Official Responses; Medical Research; Conspiracy Theories; Resources. Internet Mental Health Free encyclopedia of mental health information. Designed by Canadian Psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Long. Information is directed toward Mental Health Professionals, Patients who want to learn more about their illness, Friends and families of patients, Mental Health support groups, Students, and Members of the general public who want to learn more about mental health. Has information on 50 most common mental disorders, treatments and research. Includes information on 65 most common psychiatric medications. Provides an electronic Mental Health Magazine & links to related sites. Mental Health Links Provides links and information on education, families, special needs, treatments and approaches, mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare, early intervention, publications, legislative information, government resources, & organizations. Fact Sheets & articles online & links to Mental Health Organizations and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Stress And The Art of Divorce Adjustment On this page you will find links to various divorce adjustment resources as well as links to online articles, divorce mediation information, divorce counseling resources, marriage counseling information, & other resources associated with divorce adjustment. Each link is briefly annotated. Caring For Every Child's Mental Health: Communities Together Communities Together is a national public education campaign emphasizing the need for attention to children's & adolescents' mental health. March 5, 1995. These are the words Tipper Gore and Donna Shalala used to introduce the nation to the Caring For Every Child's Mental Health: Communities Together. US Department of Health and Human Services. APA: Children. Place the term "children" in the search box. Links to information about Children & Abuse, Attention Disorder, Child- care/Custody Issues, Courtroom Testimony, Death, Depression/Anxiety, Development, Disability, Diversity Divorce, Eating Patterns, Ethics, Foster Care, Gay Parents, Health, Language, Learning, Mathematics, Parenting, Psychological Services, Public Policy, Reading, Self-esteem, Stress, Substance Abuse, Television, Tobacco, Urban Issues, Violence. Dr. Ivan's Depression Central Central clearing house for information on all types of depressive disorders and on the most effective treatments for individuals suffering from Major Depression, Manic-Depression (Bipolar Disorder), Cyclothymia, Dysthymia, and other mood disorders. Links to information and articles. Extensive coverage. Emory MedWeb - Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology Emory University Health Sciences Center Library Online Resources Online resources on Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Phobia, Specific Phobia, Depression, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Learning Disabilities. The Buros Institute of Mental Measurements Welcome to JEAB & JABA The Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior (JEAB) is primarily for the original publication of experiments relevant to the behavior of individual organisms. The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) is primarily for the original publication of experimental research involving applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance. CMHA Newfoundland: Mental Health Resources Canadian Mental Health Association regional branches. Also contains links to Mental Health reference sources. Health Psychology Section CPA Homepage The Health Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological Association. Provides links to information, publications & documents about Health Psychology. NTAC for State Mental Health Planning National Technical Assistance Center. State Mental Health Planning information. Links to publications, assistance centers, resources, training, networks, & program information. PsychScapes Worldwide - Main Menu Cycling 5000-7000 continuing education offerings through their data base each year, the Registry is the largest collection in the world of workshops, conferences, & continuing education opportunities for mental health professionals. Find speakers with special expertise in professional continuing education, personal growth, and training/motivational speaking. Health Care Information Resources Information on Depression, Mental Health & Schizophrenia. Links to sites dealing with mental illness. Yahoo! in Asia - Health: Mental Health: Indices Mental Health links in a number of topic areas. Search by site, category or subject. Access to Asian sites. Institute of Psychiatry Library: Mental Health Access to information on a wide range of mental health problems and disorders. Internet Links - Internet Mental Health Links to information about Anxiety Disorders, Childhood Disorders, Cognitive Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Eating Disorders, Factitious Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Somatoform Disorders, Substance-related Disorders, General Mental Health, Journals and Newspapers, Mental Health resources, Organizations & Institutes, Universities, Drug Information, General Medical Sites, and related Search Engines. Mental Health Advisory Committee The role of the Mental Health Advisory Committee is to review available mental health services & facilities, coordinate & plan improvements in the city's mental health programs, decide mental health program needs, and advise the City Health Department on those needs. Divorce Magazine Magazine designed to help people cope with transition. Experts in the areas of family law, taxation, real estate, relationships, and mental and physical health offer sound, practical advice. Published Quarterly. Psych Central John M. Grohol's Mental Health Page. Personalized one-stop index for psychology, support and mental health issues, resources and people on the Internet. The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute - University of South Florida Created over 20 years ago by the Florida Legislature to expand knowledge about how best to serve the mental health needs of Florida citizens. Institute researchers use applied research techniques to understand practical problems, and develop and disseminate state-of-the-art technology and knowledge to improve human services. Information, links and contact information. Stress Less Stress quiz, stress products and stress-related information. Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment Resources and information to help manage anxiety, stress, panic, phobias, and worry. Links to related sites. The Arc of the United States Home Page Many state and local chapters of The Arc provide advocacy, community-based services and excellent information on a variety of disability-related topics. Health Care Information Resources - Mental Health Links Mental Health Net resources for a variety of groups. United States and Canada. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) SAMHSA's mission is to assure that quality substance abuse and mental health services are available to people who need them and to ensure that prevention and treatment knowledge is used more effectively in the general health care system. Site contains information on publications, Reports, Statistical Information, Managed Care Initiatives, Grant Opportunities, Contract Opportunities, etc. Ken and Retas Place Has links to information on Panic and Anxiety plus a Chat Room for Panic and Anxiety. Other links to information and places in Canada. O'Dochartaigh Associates Disaster Mental Health Resources and References On this page, there are annotated links to various Disaster Mental Health resources and links to online articles and reference lists of published articles in various areas of Disaster Mental Health, CISD, and related areas. Parent-Child Communication Parenting Skills Chemical dependency, Professional Counseling, Marriage & Family, Social Workers Licensure Select Committee on State Hospital and Mental Health Services Rural Resources Links to a number of resources, groups, agencies, and organizations with relevance to Rural Mental Health and Rural Psychology. World Wide Web Rural Resources. University of Wyoming Counseling Center Information on counseling/therapy and crisis intervention with students, programs, referral services, testing and assessment for students; training support for graduate students and WYO HealthCare Project. WYO HealthCare Project Information about Wyoming Health Collaboration, Access & Rural Empowerment Project. Designed to address some of the gaps in rural services delivery, interdisciplinary health collaboration training, and community-based options unique to Wyoming's frontier communities. Eastern Wyoming Mental Health Center Bangladesh Programme Overview

Articles On Line:

Cross-cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Review Review of literature in the area of cross-cultural counseling and therapy - national and international. Test Re-test Reliability Of The SAWVAC In A Rural Area Extended Families Review of literature on Extended Families from a cross-cultural perspective. Teams,Teamwork and Leadership Article with information about teamwork, problem-solving and other related behaviors, communication skills, and leadership. Leadership A Note On Relaxation And Verbal Instruction Stress, Anxiety and Cross-cultural Counseling in Rural Areas of the Western United States: Mental Health Review of literature on stress and cross-cultural counseling in rural areas of the western US. Emphasis on boomtowns in Wyoming. Description of a rural mental health program in Nevada and presents a small study on stress which was done in rural Nevada. Stress Management: What To Do About It Counseling/Consulting With Business and Industry Employee Assistance Programs: Counseling, Consulting Approaches To Management Counseling Management Counseling For Supervisors Self-esteem Is Important Some Notes On Multi-modal Behavior Therapy Delayed Stress: What Is It And Who Does It Affect? Disaster Work and Stress Some Comments On Aversive Control Rocky Mountain Disaster Mental Health Newsletter Disaster Mental Health programs are being developed at the national, state, and local levels. Extensive networking is being conducted with professional associations to inform their membership about Disaster Mental Health and opportunities for involvement. This newsletter is intended for Disaster Mental Health and other Mental Health Professionals. It will provide both research and clinical articles in an attempt to keep all informed on the latest information and the current state of Disaster Mental Health. It will also provide information about training and educational activities as well as opportunities for involvement. Networking is an important activity which will be strongly encouraged. Input and relevant articles of interest are solicited and encouraged. The newsletter is published online and made available for downloading and printing. NC-PTSD Research Quarterly The NC-PTSD Research Quarterly recently published an issue reviewing research on EMDR as a treatment for PTSD written by Richard J. McNally, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Harvard University. The issue includes McNally's summary and selected abstracts from more than 20 studies. In addition, there is a brief article overviewing the role of control groups in psychotherapy research. This issue is available on the NC-PTSD webpage and can be downloaded (PDF).


What Is Depression? Brief information about depression, what it is, symptoms, who it affects, some causes, how to get help and what to do. Components of Depression Discusses deficits in daily functioning associated with depression: Emotional Deficits, Thought Disorders, Motivational Deficits, Physiological Deficits, Behavior Deficits.

Stress Management:

Individual Stress Management Stress Symptoms Are You Ready To Burnout? Individual Stress Management Program Individualized Stress Management Program (ISMP) Brochure Fee Schedule - ISMP Relaxation Techniques Stress Mayo Clinic psychologist Donald E. Williams, Ph.D. evaluates stress and its effects on health problems. Interactive health quizzes. Workplace stress and stress in excess.


What is The Purpose of Counseling? Thoughts to Get You Through Almost Any Crisis

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