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What do we do?

We now carry Presto Sticker Books

   Each book in our Presto line comes complete with your own unique personalized sticker sheet. Personalized children's books makes reading fun.
    Create-A-Books are read over and over because the stories are about your child, family, and friends Our patented process cleverly blends your child's name and additional information directly into the pages. This makes every Presto Book interactive as well as entertaining.
   What a different way to spend some time with even your younger children, as you sit down with them and have some VERY IMPORTANT one-on-one time interacting with them as you help them place the stickers on the pages of the books. What a positive and valuable time that can be!! WE ALL KNOW THAT CHILDREN LOVE STICKERS. With these books they can put the stickers in them without getting into trouble!

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